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Chairman of the Cultural Quarter Business Association Cassie Soulsby, who owns the Exchange bar, opposite Curve, said: "We have found that people coming into the Cultural Quarter get confused by the whole one way system Blue Prada Handbag and people trying to get out sometimes struggle.

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For one thing, there isn't enough room on Colton Street for it to be Burberry Iphone Case 6 Plus

If people are confused about the one way system, it should be signed better. I personally don't see how it can be confusing.

Curve and make it hard for people to access attractions including The Phoenix.

Businesses in the St George's area of the city say the existing traffic flows cause long queues at peak Burberry Tote Bag 2017

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One way traffic around Leicester's Cultural Quarter altered to ease traffic

Blue Prada Handbag

The one way traffic system around Leicester's Cultural Quarter is to be altered for six months in an experiment to see if it helps visitors get in and out of the area.

times such as the end of performances at Burberry Backpack Personalized

If it works, the council may make the changes permanent.

"Of course, because of the way the streets are set out it might never be perfect, but we can do something to make it better."

"As an experimental traffic regulation order, people have six months to comment, before the council decides whether to make the changes permanent.

However, Leicester City Council is to make Colton Street and Church Street two way to ease the congestion, so motorists can get on to Charles Street at a second junction.

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Blue Prada Handbag

"We have had conversations with the council and put some ideas to them and they have come up with a system that will hopefully make things a lot easier.

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Traffic flows will change on December 2 for an experimental period of six months in the hope of making it easier to get to the ring road.

"Colton Street, for example, as a way into the area, doesn't serve anyone. But as an exit, it will be much better especially if we can keep the parking as it is.

Also, if enough people aren't visiting the Cultural Sector, is a new traffic system going to help ("Oh there's nothing I want to see on at the Curve, but I hear there's a new road layout"). The way to get more people to the area is better promotion, better productions/shows, and for example, actually having some Christmas Lights in the area wouldn't hurt.

Burton Street and Morledge Street, near the Phoenix, will also be made two way, as will part of Southampton Street and St George Street, outside the Leicester Mercury building.

Assistant city mayor Piara Singh Clair said: "The aim of these changes is to make it easier for people to visit Phoenix, Curve and other businesses in the Cultural Quarter.

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Signs will be put up to guide motorists along the new routes. Emma Crosby, 31, from Quorn, who was visiting the Cultural Quarter yesterday, said: "I'm not sure the roads around here are very logical. I can't see the reason a lot of them are one way in the first place. They should change it."

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Blue Prada Handbag

a reasonable two way street. Especially considering the parking that is used for residential apartments on the street, and the traffic from the car park (workers leaving Colton Square).

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"We will have our traffic department monitor what happens and then see how it works. At the end of six months we will decide what we change and what we don't. We hope it will help the public facilities in the area, like Curve and Phoenix, as well as private businesses."

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