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Prada Bags Singapore

"We just wanted to lock in the date, there was confusion that it was at Easter time," she said.

"They're going to be practising paganism, that's not our religion, and it looks like they're practising witchcraft."

"They are treating us like we know nothing about our culture," she said.

"I want them to know they are not welcome on our land."

Ms McKenzie said her protests would take the form of talking to organisers about why the festival goes against Adnyamathanha beliefs, Burberry Oversized Tote

Prada Bags Singapore

But her brother, Joseph McKenzie takes a different stance on the festival and not only is he taking part, but he is providing musical entertainment across the five days.

Prada Bags Singapore

The festival has been advertised to take place at Autumn Equinox, which prompted concerns about paganism.

Ms McKenzie said the festival was degrading to Adnyamathanha people and according to the program, would include pagan rituals and other indigenous sacred ceremonies.

However she said the Hawaiian and Maori elders were invited to share their culture for an hour each at the sacred Adnyamathanha area.

But it is the possibility of those rituals that are upsetting other members of the Adnyamathanha community. Mrs McKenzie's daughter Charlene McKenzie said she was determined to make the organisers know they were not welcome.

"We're trying to start a foundation, this festival is trying to get people together to raise awareness for more dialysis machines in the outback," he said.

Prada Bags Singapore

Prada Bags Singapore

But co organiser Deborah Nanschild said paganism rituals would not take place at the festival.

Prada Bags Singapore

She said festival goers and those in opposition to the festival can be assured that no pagan practises will take place.

Prada Bags Singapore

"How can they degrade our culture, degrade our elders and degrade our ancestors like this," Ms McKenzie said.

She said the festival had been organised at the time of the Autumn Equinox not for paganism reasons.

´╗┐Indigenous festival to be protested

A group rallied together over the weekend to discuss protesting at the event, and Adnyamathanha elder Pauline McKenzie said she would "do what she could" to let the festival goers know that she, and other members of her family, opposed the event.

"We won't be holding a riot or anything," she said.

and culture."

She was angry that Hawaiian and Maori elders would be invited to share their culture.

Prada Bags Singapore

"If I truly believed it was going to be something that benefited the community, I would have supported it," she said.

"We've come a long way to experience the beauty of the Flinders Ranges and come with reconcilliation in our hearts," she said.

be a part of the festival, and said organisers and participants were aware that the only cultural practices that would take place were Adnyamathanha people's.

Members of the Adnyamanthanha community in opposition of the Hands Around the World festival at Wilpena are protesting the festival taking place.

"It is a celebration of indigenous teachings Burberry Quilted Bag Collection

Prada Bags Singapore

She questioned the merits of a festival which she believed "targeted" certain members of the community.

Mr McKenzie disputed his Prada Bags Singapore sister's comments that paganism would Burberry Peyton Crossbody Deep Red

and putting signs up to say other indigenous cultures were not welcome to be shared in the area.

"We'd never go to Hawaii and practice our culture, they can't come here and do that sort of stuff on our land," she said.

Prada Bags Singapore

Prada Bags Singapore

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