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Here are a few significant details from our proposal:

Contracts in the minors Clubs take a cap hit on contracts in the minors over $1M (move in the owners' direction)

NHLPA proposal and Donald Fehr memo

Please read through the proposal below and contact the NHLPA if you have any questions. The league indicated that they plan to respond to our proposal later today. We will provide a further update following this meeting.

The NHLPA's Negotiating Committee today provided the NHL Owners with a comprehensive 6 page proposal on the key issues (see below). As you will read in the proposal, the players have made substantial moves in order to address all of the owners' concerns, end the owners' lockout and get the game back on the ice. Our proposal works off the league's proposed language/structures and moves off our position that there be a guaranteed Burberry Crossbody Tote

2014 15 $72M

players' share. These are major moves in the Burberry Black Label Card Holder

2012 13 $182M

2015 16 $11M

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Four Recall Rule Unlimited recalls after regular season (move in the owners' direction)

1) Revenue Sharing

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Elimination of walk away from arbitrator's decision, but clubs can still "walk away" by not qualifying a player

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Honouring Players' Contracts/Transition payments: Players' Share will equal 50 percent of HRR plus fixed payments in the first four years to partially honour player contracts and ease the transition to 50/50:

owners concerns regarding back diving contacts and NHL contacts being "buried" in the minors.

Existing level of distributions to be protected for 2 years. If additional funds needed, raised pro rata from all teams

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Players' Share: A major move in the owners' direction by removing guarantees or fixed targets for Players' share.

Revenue Sharing Oversight Committee (RSOC) has discretion to adjust amounts for Phase One distributions by up to +/ 15% per team, provided that all such adjustments are considered and decided upon at one time

Now that we have made this proposal, there is no longer any doubt as to how far apart the parties are in dollars. As you will recall, we had previously said we thought the gap was less than $200M, while the Pouch Prada owners had said that the gap was much larger and close to $1B. Under our proposal, it is now undisputed that the gap is only $182 M over 5 years. Now it is up to the owners to finally make a move towards the players.

Total $393M

This proposal addresses significant open issues concerning revenue sharing, player contracting, the players' share, and certain other open areas, as reflected below. This proposal does not address other items upon which we have agreed or are pending, such as health and safety, hockey issues, the "jock tax", and international.

At the same time, we have protected player rights by refusing to accept their proposals restricting free agency and salary arbitration.

The following is a memo from Fehr to the players plus the NHLPA's proposal, obtained from a source.

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owners' direction. Regarding player contractual issues, we have also addressed the Burberry Case For Iphone 5

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The owners had previously proposed $211M

NHLPA Proposal 21 November 2012

Long term back diving contracts Cap benefit recapture rule so clubs no longer benefit from front loading contracts (move in the owners' direction)

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Pool of $200 Million at $3.303 B of HRR. Varies year to year with HRR.

2013 14 $128M

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Contributions to be raised per NHL formula. No discretion to increase individual team contributions beyond what formula provides

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