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A Casterton Parents Limited spokeswoman said the group had 'no Prada Zipper Bag recollection' of being approached by Mr Fleck but that it would be 'delighted' to meet with him.

"We have not been told who Casterton Parents Limited are, despite asking. I absolutely believe that, legally, it's irreversible, and I am even more certain that practically it's irreversible.

"It's really important that pupils, families and staff focus on the Burberry Bags Amazon

´╗┐reveals Sedbergh School head as merger row continues From The Westmorland Gazette

Current Casterton School headmistress Maxine Lucas said: "The governors, as trustees of the school, believe that the merger with Sedbergh offers the best option for Casterton in the current economic climate."


He said the staff process had been fair, adding: "I'm very excited about the calibre of staff for the future."

The merger, which will see Casterton girls move to Sedbergh and Sedbergh Junior School relocate to a new preparatory school at Casterton, was met with anger when announced in February, when Casterton parents demanded a u turn and said they should have been Burberry Iphone 5 Case For Sale

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Prada Zipper Bag

Figures show the number of boarding pupils in the all girl senior school has fallen by a quarter since 2011, senior school day pupils are down 19 per cent and the junior school head count has dropped 36 per cent.

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Keen to dispel rumours that mostly Sedbergh School staff had been retained, Mr Fleck said: "Of the new teaching staff in the senior school, two thirds of the academic department will have Casterton teachers. Overall, 24 per cent of the teachers will be from Casterton.

She added that legal action would proceed as members felt 'wrongs' had taken place in the merger decision process.

"Given the financial situation, there was an urgency to merge the schools," he explained.

This has led to a 14 per cent drop in income, a figure it was feared would fall a further 15 per cent by August.

Mr Fleck showed The Westmorland Gazette accounts which revealed Casterton School went from making a surplus of 400,000 between September 2010 and August 2011, to a loss of 535,000 by August 2012 a 'negative movement' of nearly 1 million.

But he insisted the move was the right one and said the planned legal challenge by opposition group Casterton Parents Limited to unwind the merger would be too late, as teachers and parents will have already made new arrangements.

"If parents had been told the school was considering merging with Sedbergh because of the finances and parents had left, the cashflow might not have been secure to enable the school to continue this academic year."

"I'm enormously excited that this part of Cumbria now has the opportunity to have Burberry Wallet Cost

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truly one of the greatest schools in the country."

"When you look at the relative size of the school, if all the Casterton teachers had a job, that would have been 50 per cent of all staff."

Sedbergh headmaster since 2010, Mr Fleck accepted there was a 'high degree of emotion' over the merger and said he was 'sympathetic' to parents' views.

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SEDBERGH School headmaster Andrew Fleck has robustly defended its merger with neighbouring Casterton, laying bare for the first time the reasons he claims the move was necessary.

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Speaking as the accounts were due to be signed off this week, Mr Fleck said consultation could have 'destabilised' the school and potentially led to its closure.

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