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Mrs. Walton added: "Bottom of the seventh [inning], 3 2 count, high curveball it's absolutely remarkable."

Former Pirates players Ralph Kiner, Vernon Law, Al Oliver and Richie Hebner have been interviewed, along with former General Manager Joe L. Brown.

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When the other couple was leaving the restaurant, he told the staff, "That lady's been putting stuff in her purse," Mrs. Walton recalled.

"My dad was really, really Card Holder Burberry

A chapter in the book will be devoted to memories from Pirates fans. One man wrote about moving to Philadelphia when he was 7. He was extremely homesick and went to a Pirates Phillies game.

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Mrs. Walton said working on the book has been Burberry Phone

"He came to the very pinnacle of his profession, and there were a lot of stories about him that I had heard over the years."

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She also remembered when she started dating her husband, Joe, and he came to pick her up one night.

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stories involved practical jokes.

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Mrs. Walton told about a time her parents were having dinner at a buffet restaurant. They saw another couple they knew and, while the other couple was at the buffet, Mr. Murtaugh sneaked some silverware and salt and pepper shakers into the woman's purse.

The two women have set out to interview former players and coaches from other teams, in addition to the Pirates.

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"Finally, I said, 'Dad, leave him alone.' "

"Time has passed and everybody is getting older. To get their thoughts is very good," said Mrs. Walton, of Greenville, Mercer County.

"Years ago, I would tell a story, and Colleen would say to me, 'Mom, you should write that down.' She's becoming my recorder," she said.

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Mr. Murtaugh retired after the 1976 season and died two months later, at age 59, following a stroke.

Seeking tales of Pirates legend

a nice man," Mrs. Walton said. "My husband often referred to him as a gentleman, as in gentle man.

"Many people say [Mr. Murtaugh] was just a great guy," Mrs. Hroncich said. "That's the thing that impressed me the most as a granddaughter who didn't know him that he was universally loved."

"He said, 'I'm here to pick up Kathy,' and my dad said, 'OK,' and closed the door. Five minutes later, my dad opened the door and said, 'Are you still here? Well, I guess you'd better come in.' Then he threw his coat on the floor.

She and her mom have interviewed former Pirates players and coaches and are seeking memories of Mr. Hroncich after she wrote an article in December that appeared in the Post Gazette after Mr. Murtaugh failed to win entrance into the Hall of Fame in his first time on the ballot. Her e mail address was published with the article, and the responses poured in.

Mrs. Hroncich said she has leads on publishers and hopes to have the book published in 2010, the 50th anniversary of the 1960 World Series .

"A lot of [people] had never really met him, but they had fond memories of him," she said.

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"It's amazing how much they remember," Mrs. Hroncich said. "Some of them are 80 and 90 years old, Prada Bags from the 1960s. They remember things better than I remember."

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Mrs. Hroncich said: "My grandfather met him on the dugout and eased his homesickness. It might seem like something little, but it's all part of the picture."

Mrs. Hroncich, of Cranberry, Butler County, and her mother, Kathy Walton, who is Mr. Murtaugh's daughter, are teaming up to write a book about Mr. Murtaugh.

cathartic for the family.

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