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Cooke said the new directive curtailing truck to truck transfers was made due to safety concerns as well as competitive worries that companies were trying to circumvent their license limitations by using mobile tanker trucks to increase their propane storage capacity.

admitted the TSSA executive.

black and white, in a newsletter mailed to Sunrise Propane five months before one of their well known truck to truck transfers caused the fatal explosion that rocked the northwest corner of the city more than three years ago.

make the transfers unnecessary.

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Prada Bag Double Zip

did not do an analysis, she conceded. the transfer process is where the risk is. That common sense. TSSA is hardly the white knight in this story.

know transfer against regulations

It could be the smoking gun.

you have any knowledge of that? Adler asked Cooke.

August 10th 2008 Sunrise Propane disaster was preventable, insisted Green, who is part of a class action lawsuit launched by residents against the TSSA, Sunrise and other companies involved in the explosion.

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Prada Bag Double Zip

Resident Jeff Green wants to know why the private, non governmental fuel regulator didn step in and stop what they considered a dangerous practice.

When he got into his car to investigate, he suddenly saw a giant fireball explode over the Sunrise Propane yard just a block away. completely forgot that there was a propane facility there, he recalled.

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But defence lawyer Leo Adler had her admit that the TSSA had no expert studies or statistics on the safety threat posed by transferring liquid propane from one truck to another. any material submitted that would show that there is, or may be, a demonstrable threat to public safety? he asked.

He was in bed that summer night when he was woken by a huge bang he initially thought was a thunder bolt. He went outside to see the northwest sky so brightly illuminated that he figured there was a house on fire.

The defence lawyer suggested a TSSA official actually approved a variance to allow the tank to tank transfers to continue at Sunrise. The company was in the midst of installing a new propane storage tank on the property that would eventually Vintage Burberry Travel Bags

The order was right there, in Burberry Drawstring Purse

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But he didn know that. Sandra Cooke said the regulator that oversees the fuel industry had decided to rewrite the code so that transferring propane from one tanker to another could only be done in circumstances and not as a common practice. that morning on Murray Rd. which the Ontario Fire Marshall Office ultimately blamed as the source of the leak that caused the massive explosion. Part time Sunrise employee Parminder Singh Saini, 25, was killed in the blast and district fire chief Bob Leek died of a heart attack blamed on the disaster. More than 12,000 residents had to be evacuated and dozens of homes damaged.

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of Aug. 10, 2008, propane facilities were no longer allowed to refill their trucks from other tankers in the yard because of safety concerns.

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Contrary to what Sunrise Propane driver Felipe De Leon was doing in the early morning hours Burberry Bag Blue Label

Prada Bag Double Zip

understanding is that at the time it was illegal to do truck to truck transfers and Sunrise got a notice to stop this illegal procedure, Green said outside the courtroom. why didn the TSSA lay charges? I believe there absolutely should be charges and my question is why hasn there been? he Prada Bag Double Zip wants to know, did they have to hide?

Now it seared in his memory. He been monitoring the trial and has come away with more questions than he has answers.

Prada Bag Double Zip

Prada Bag Double Zip

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