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FITCHBURG While many people living and working in North Central Massachusetts are grumbling at the thought of yet another winter storm ripping through the region today, those who enjoy outdoor winter activities are reveling in the snow's beauty.

With all the snowstorms the region has gotten recently, it does make it great to get out and do a bit of snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Getting out on the Flat Rock Sanctuary trails in Fitchburg Monday on their snowshoes are Dee DiConza, left, and Jane McFadden of Leominster. More snow is ahead; see Page 2. SENTINEL ENTERPRISE/JOHN LOVE

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In addition to selling new and used skis and snowboards, they also do daily and season rentals, Hajjar said.

"The ski sales, even this past weekend, have been incredible. It's just incredible what the snow has done. Sometimes it's not just one storm but two together that make people remember it is the winter," he said.

Dee DiConza agreed, saying the trails aren't well known in the city, and they become a nice escape.

Prada Bags Png

Prada Bags Png

"It's just beautiful. There's a nice base already out there on the trails and there's a little bit of fresh powder on top," he said. "It's so nice up here."

The trio went about 1 and 1/2 miles and said the conditions couldn't have Prada Bags Png been more perfect.

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How to survive winter

Sentinel and Enterprise staff photos can be ordered by visiting our Smugmug site.

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"The snowshoers tend to make the trail nice for cross country skiers," he said. "It's just beautiful being out here in the winter."

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Prada Bags Png

This way they can rent them and keep them all season and bring them back."

"It's wonderful. The woods are just beautiful," Joe DiConza said after snowshoeing on the Flat Rock trails behind Burbank Hospital in Fitchburg Monday afternoon.

"I know in November, December, January and February, all of our stores, every one, has increased in sales," he said. "In February, some of our stores have already exceeded last year's February numbers. This amount of snow makes a huge difference."

hidden gem.

Sentinel and Enterprise staff photos can be ordered by visiting our Smugmug site.

"You couldn't find any nicer area in the city to go. It's gorgeous here," she said.

"It's absolutely fabulous here. There are so many places around this city that people don't know about but are great for outdoor activities," Leger said. "This place is such a Burberry Purses 2017

Joe DiConza of Leominster has been snowshoeing with his wife for 10 years and has been cross country skiing for at least twice that long. SENTINEL ENTERPRISE / JOHN LOVE

"What we do is a lot of seasonal rentals. Families with young children can rent their skis for a season and get them at the right size," he said. "Parents are always concerned about getting the most use for their dollar. Burberry Card Holder Brown

They have six stores between Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and all have seen increases in sales.

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Prada Bags Png

Rick Hajjar, owner of Sport Loft Ski and Snowboard Shops Burberry Style Iphone 4 Case

Tom and Dianne Starr, of Fitchburg, agreed, calling the trails a "hidden gem" in the city. The pair arrived at the Burbank trails just before lunch time to get in some cross country skiing.

Joyce Leger, of Leominster, has been skiing and snowshoeing for much of her life and said the conditions behind Burbank have some of the best she has seen in a long time.

in Fitchburg, said this season has been one of the best they've seen in a while.

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