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"I love that I was a great player, Burberry Handbags On Sale

"People don't understand that's no longer you. I'm not a baseball player, anymore.

335 home run balls.

"I never wanted to exist as Darryl Strawberry, the baseball player," he says. "I wanted to let go that identity. It's not who I am.

"That person is dead."

Prada Wallet Colours

STORY: Jeter singles in return, then injured

He plans to spend the rest of his life talking about his passion, and sharing the love in his heart to impact lives, providing a reward much greater than anything he felt on the baseball field.

Prada Wallet Colours

Darryl Strawberry, the former outfield great, is no longer.

There are no pictures of Strawberry in a baseball uniform. No trophies. No plaques. None of his four World Series rings. Nothing from his eight All Star Games. None of his Burberry Haymarket Duffle Bag

Strawberry, who remains proud of his baseball career, realizes there could be awkward moments this weekend when he travels to New York with 13 year old daughter Jewel to the All Star festivities and game at the Mets' Citi Field. There will be plenty of autograph and photo requests, and fans wanting to talk about the Mets' glory days when they won the 1986 World Series. There will be corporate parties, some that are mandatory, as part of his obligation with the Mets. But this is a man uncomfortable re living the past, knowing he can change the future.

"I always believed there was a greater purpose to life."

"I'm over 'Strawberry,' " he tells USA TODAY Sports. "I'm over Mets. I'm over Yankees. I don't want to exist Burberry Bags Uk

Prada Wallet Colours

and won championships, and did all these great things, but I was always more driven. I knew there had to be more than just putting on a uniform and hitting grand slams and making millions of dollars.

"I got rid of it all. I was never attached to none of that stuff," says Strawberry, 51, wearing a North Carolina jersey with Michael Jordan's No. 23. "I don't want it. It's not part of my life anymore."

Prada Wallet Colours

Prada Wallet Colours

Strawberry, who last week said this is his first interview with the media since becoming a preacher and opening his own ministry three Prada Wallet Colours years ago, declined previous requests because of his past.

Pastor Strawberry says true calling ahead

Darryl and Tracy Strawberry at home in St. Peters, Mo., 30 miles from St. Louis(Photo: Jeff Curry, USA TODAY Sports)

Story HighlightsFormer Mets great Darryl Strawberry will return to New York for All Star festivitiesIn first interview since becoming a pastor, he says the rest of his life devoted to helping othersHe and his wife, Tracy, have teamed to run programs and help others in their town near St. Louis

He'll talk two hours about his drug and alcohol addiction. He'll tell chilling details about prison life and crack houses. He'll tear up telling the pain and shame he caused his family, six children and two ex wives before marrying Tracy, also an ordained minister, six years ago.

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Prada Wallet Colours

Prada Wallet Colours

STORY: Complete All Star rosters

as Darryl Strawberry, the baseball player.

Darryl Strawberry, the ordained minister in this town 30 miles west of St. Louis, is very much alive.

Prada Wallet Colours

Prada Wallet Colours

Darryl Strawberry is proud of baseball career but it's no longer who he is or wants to be

ST. PETERS, Mo. The four bedroom, two story modest house sits on a corner in this planned bedroom community, and when this 6 6 muscular toned man welcomes you inside his home, there is no evidence Darryl Strawberry the player ever existed.

Prada Wallet Colours

Prada Wallet Colours

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