Prada Glasses Frames Womens

were so impressedthat they were ready to buy suitcases.

LAB competition announces winners

X LAB Winners and descriptions according to the newsrelease:

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

Comments of X LAB evaluators: Michael Kou thoroughly understandsthe export business and has a great work ethic.

Comments of X LAB evaluators: X LAB evaluators Burberry Bag Grey

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

WINNER: Dr. Stephen McClanahan, Americas Clinical, Loveland, OHThis business has started a clinical research site inGuatemala for the pharmaceutical industry and plans to expand toother parts of Latin America. clinical trials are notfinished on time due to the difficulty in recruiting the rightpatients to participate. Latin America provides access to a largernumber of people eligible to participate in drug trials than theUnited States, thus speeding up pharmaceutical development.

WINNER: Alice Huff, Tia Marie Co., CincinnatiThis business would produce a complete line of two sidedsuitcases that separate clean and dirty items by using moisture andodor absorbing materials. This business already has an overseascompany interested in manufacturing the luggage. Targeted customerswould include business travelers, sports teams and outdoorenthusiasts.

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

"These winners demonstrate that people in Greater Cincinnati areexceptionally innovative and determined to succeed," said AliMalekzadeh, Dean of the Williams College of Business in a newsrelease. "The potential of these entrepreneurs is tremendous."

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

EVANSTON, Ohio Xavier University's "Launch a Business Competion" showed off itsinaugural winners Thursday morning at Smith Hall.

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

developing markets such as Brazil, Chinaand India.

WINNER: Chad Martin, Elite Protection Group, California, KYThis business wants to manufacture a prisoner partition thatseparates the front and rear seats in a police car. The differencebetween this partition and those already made is that it has aremovable panel that would serve as a bullet resistant shield,which officers can use outside their patrol cars to protectthemselves from gunfire. These shields would be more accessiblethan the ones used by Burberry Handbag Grey

Comments of X LAB evaluators: The evaluators are impressed withthe life saving possibilities.

WINNER: Sandra Ambrose, PL4S, Fairfield, OHThis is an online business aimed at the transportationindustry to provide a greener, more efficient way of shipping smallloads. This technology would significantly change the businessmodel in a very traditional industry. It also would make itpossible for suppliers and their customers to get bettervalues.

This business wants to develop wound sleeves for immediate careof patients Prada Glasses Frames Womens with injured arms and legs. This product could be usedon battlefields and in ambulances, hospitals and doctors'offices. It is designed to create a sterile environment thatreduces infection, controls pain, contains bodily fluids and makepatient transportation easier.

WINNER: Michael Kou, Growth by Export, CincinnatiThis would be a consulting business that advises clients oncomplicated technical and regulatory aspects involved withexporting goods and services. The business would focus on small tomedium size businesses that have unique products and services thatcan be marketed to large Burberry Camo Backpack

SWAT teams.

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

More than 160 applicants entered to receive free consultingservices from Williams College of Business at XU. The X LAB winnershave the opportunity to interact and learn from 65 professors, 500executive mentors and 1,000 MBA students.

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

WINNER: Dr. Sambhu Choudhury, Concepto, Cincinnati

Prada Glasses Frames Womens

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