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Repower Port Augusta chairperson Lisa Lumsden said it is fantastic to see so many Adelaide people supporting solar thermal.

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Port Augusta teacher Cathy Cameron travelled to Adelaide to attend the delivery on Saturday at Minister Koutsantonis' office.

"We will not give up until we reach our goal and we'll keep pursuing every avenue we can to get there."

"Whilst Port Augusta people signed some post cards, the majority came from the electorates that were painstakingly door knocked in Marshall and Koutsantonis's electorates," she said.

Prada Velvet Backpack

Prada Velvet Backpack

Prada Velvet Backpack

Mr Spencer said the response from door knocking was inspiring with many people being really keen to see solar thermal happen.

"They can do this by agreeing to buy a certain amount of state government electricity from a solar thermal plant or by paying the difference in combination with Prada Velvet Backpack federal funding to make solar thermal competitive in the electricity grid," he said.

Throughout February, a team of campaigners door knocked more than 2,000 houses collecting 1,500 postcards from the Norwood and West Torrens areas of Adelaide.

"There was a team of 40 people doorknocking over the last month, and with many more groups in the Repower Port Augusta Alliance, the people of Adelaide are well and truly behind Port Augusta in this effort."

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Port Augusta alliance now awaits the outcome of the state election on March 15 and will ensure whoever is elected is hearing from the group and the community about solar thermal in Port Augusta.

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With 50 people turning up to Steven Marshall's office and 30 people to energy minister Tom Koutsantonis', this shows support from people in Adelaide.

´╗┐Repower Port Augusta keeps on pushing

Daniel Spencer said the state government can play a critical role in making solar thermal with storage a reality in Port Augusta.

Repower Port Augusta is seeking further commitment from the state government after delivering postcards to energy minister Tom Koutsantonis and opposition environment spokeswoman Michelle Lensink on behalf of state Liberal leader Steven Marshall over the weekend.

really believe this needs to happen, that's why I made the trip from Port Augusta to Adelaide."

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"We want to see the state government make this a priority to secure clean air and new jobs for our community.

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"Up to and beyond the election we just have to keep up the momentum and pressure.

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"Our community has been fighting for solar thermal for years" she said.

"The campaign is going really well, we're excited about the funding of the feasibility study and are now looking to build momentum to ensure that funding for a project is available," he said.

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