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The Department of Health Care Quality complaints range from paperwork violations not recording a fall in the accidents section of an assessment or using improper coding to some cases of lax care.

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But Martin said the alarms system has been upgraded.

The reports blank out any information that could identify a patient to meet the state and federal privacy laws.

State officials cited Fairlawn three times for failing to provide residents with "adequate supervision and assistance devices to prevent accidents," according to a 2003 report.

This problem isn't new to the facility.

records provided by the state Department of Health and Human Services.

Falling down on the job?

An alarm sensor went off in a hallway and an employee responded to the patient's room immediately as Martin walked through the facility Friday morning,

Home needs improvement

The string should pull as soon as the resident moves even slightly off a wheel chair, bed or recliner.

Since then, the nursing home, which is now owned by a different company and named the Life Care Center of Leominster, has improved its state quality standards scores and made significant physical changes to its facility.

One complaint claimed that at least one resident did not receive a certain medication in a timely manner, as prescribed by a physician.

"We were just accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations in May," he said. "Their standards go above and beyond. . The DPH may look at whether the food temperature is on or off at a given time, while (JCAHO) looks at what the entire system in process is."

"During an interview with the Director of Nursing . she confirmed that the facility had not obtained (blank) to be administered to the resident in a timely manner resulting in the resident missing five doses Burberry Embossed Purse

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"We hope people will continue to see new changes every year, make positive strides in the right direction," director Jeff Martin said Friday. "We're really working to better this facility."

of (blank.)," according to the reports.

LEOMINSTER It's been two years since a former employee of the Fairlawn Nursing home allegedly raped an 86 year old woman inside the West Street facility.

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"The staff is really doing a tremendous job here," he said. "She didn't know we were Burberry Harrogate Crossbody

down the hall watching. They are very attentive."

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The reports said another patient failed to be placed in a 90 degree position in bed, as the patient's care plan called for.

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Martin said the DPH report is Prada Bag White And Black just one way the nursing home is evaluated.

The report indicated residents were found on the floor several times during the surveying periods, with no alarm working.

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"Discussion with a CNA revealed that a lot of times the alarms in the facility did not work properly," the report said.

The 89 page report noted problems with the nursing home's fall prevention alarms.

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They have call and sensory Tabs alarms. Sometimes the string is too long on the devices, making the alarm ineffective, since a pull on the cord sends it sounding.

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Prada Bag White And Black

Another instance found: "The surveyor informed the nurse of the observation (the string being too long) and as she went over to adjust the string length she stated 'its almost so long she could stand up.'"

The nursing home is still below state average by the DPH's standings, and complaints have still popped up this year, according to deficiency Burberry Long Purse

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