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Count 4: Battery Burberry Peyton Crossbody Fringe

charge against Andrea Kohler. Victim: Kurt Poeschel, a Kern County Sheriff's Department senior deputy who attended the same wedding. Poeschel did not immediately return a call for comment Thursday.

Gene Martinez, chief assistant district attorney for Santa Barbara's north county division, is handling the case for the office of that county's district attorney, Christie Stanley. Martinez said he could not comment on the case Gold Prada Bag beyond the scope of legal filings.

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Count 1: Joint battery charge against Andrea and Gregory Kohler. Victim: John Mullin, a casino security guard.

one count of public intoxication Thursday morning at a Santa Maria courthouse.

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Kern County District Attorney Ed Jagels was out of town Thursday, his secretary said. He did not immediately return a message asking for comment.

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The incident took place at the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, where the Kohlers were celebrating with other Kern prosecutors after the wedding of a colleague.

Count 2: Battery charge against Gregory Kohler alleging "biting" of victim Mullin.

Count 3: Battery charge against Andrea Kohler. Victim: Jim Leong, a casino security guard.

Gregory Kohler, 47, through the same lawyer, pleaded not guilty to two counts of battery and one of public intoxication. In one count, Mr. Kohler is charged with biting a casino guard.

Counts 5 and 6: One count of public intoxication against each of the Kohlers.

Mitts said he still believes casino guards were overly aggressive, as he has previously stated.

Several guards, on the other hand, told deputies Gregory Kohler was the instigator, grabbing one guard after backing him up against a pillar planter.

The couple's blood alcohol levels weren't available Thursday. Arresting officers did not test the Kohlers, said Martinez, the Santa Barbara County prosecutor.

Several casino guards approached, accounts indicate, but exactly what happened next is disputed.

After law enforcement arrived, Andrea Kohler's disruptive behavior escalated to the point the deputy had her placed in a squad car so he could continue interviews, the report says. She kicked at squad car windows, the report notes, and the couple were eventually taken off site for interviews in a safe environment.

A friend of the Kohlers', Seth O'Dell a former Kern prosecutor now in private practice locally described guards as aggressors, 911 recordings obtained by The Californianindicate.

Andrea Kohler entered the fray, scratching at least one guard as she tried to pull the man off her husband, the arrest report says.

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One battery count was a joint Burberry Fold Over Crossbody

Kohler is best known for helping try the Bruce Sons murder case last year in the same courthouse her own case is now being processed.

Kern prosecutor charged with battery

The Kohlers' lawyer, Greg Mitts, said Thursday he had just picked up a significant amount of background information from prosecutors, including audio and video, and was not yet familiar enough with it to comment.

charge, making six misdemeanor counts in all.

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The Kohlers' troubles on Oct. 20 began after Gregory Kohler kicked a sliding glass door off its tracks on his way out of the casino, according to an arrest log from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department.

Andrea Kohler, 43, through her attorney pleaded not guilty to three counts of battery and Burberry Backpack Green

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