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Officially opened in May, 2004, Genesis House was the country's first foster home, providing a residence for some of theOver the years, the New Beginnings charity has grown from strength to strength, transforming the lives of children and working with the Ukrainian government to tackle prejudice.

We met founder Pat Harrison at the charity's Kendal headquarters to find out more.

Prada Tote Bag 2016

Prada Tote Bag 2016

Pat Wright.

Prada Tote Bag 2016

It is the small contributions from businesses like Spar and loyal fundraisers such as Stramongate Primary School in Kendal that enables New Beginnings to carry out its work and cover the 12,000 annual running costs of Genesis House.

in photographs, newsletters and action plans, it remains a hub of"So much has happened since the Gazette launched the appeal to create Genesis House," said Mrs Harrison, who was formerly

charity is inviting people to become One in a Thousand by donating 10 a year.

As well as establishing the first foster parent scheme, New Beginnings has teamed up with the Ukrainian government, community groups and local churches to establish three centres for disabled

Staffed by fully qualified Ukrainian foster carers, it provides a loving family home, education and life long support for seven children who were found living in dire conditions.

"Spar raised 1,500 simply by encouraging customers to put pennies in a collection box," said Mrs Harrison, who travels to Kiev twice a year.

opened and the charity has evolved so much since then.

THE term headquarters is perhaps misleading, as the nerve centre of this thriving local organisation is not a finance draining office block but the kitchen table of Mrs Harrison's cottage onIt was at this table that the grandmother of 11 first decided to act upon the horrors she saw on the streets of Kiev and, covered Burberry Bag Kw Super

Prada Tote Bag 2016

To meet the costs the Burberry Purse Uk

together they raised 40,000 to build a safe haven for abandoned children in Kiev.

"This paid for us to do tests on suspected HIV babies, which had never been done before.

Genesis House has become a blueprint for how to establish a foster home and its success has lead to the creation of the

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children and has dramatically improved the wards at Borispol hospital near Kiev.

Prada Tote Bag 2016

"It is five years since the house Burberry Tote Handbag

Prada Tote Bag 2016

"We want to share our success with the people that made it possible local people who supported and who continue to support us. I am eternally grateful Prada Tote Bag 2016 to them all."

Ukraine's first foster care scheme.

"Now they are carried out in Kiev and those that test negative can be adopted and can lead normal lives and those that test positive can get the treatment they need."

FIVE years ago a South Lakeland woman's determination to help Ukrainian street children captured the hearts of Westmorland Gazette readers and through the New Home New Beginnings campaign

Other life saving projects include the introduction of HIV testing for babies in Kiev a development that shoppers at the Spar on Sandylands in Kendal were instrumental in.

Prada Tote Bag 2016

Kendal woman's mission in Ukraine is beginning to make a difference From The Westmorland Gazette

Many of these children have now been adopted into Ukrainian families while others continue to be supported by New Beginnings.

Or locals canattend a fund raising Strawberry Cream Tea at the Unitarian Chapel at Market Square, Kendal, on Saturday, July 4, at 2pm. Tickets cost 3.50.

Prada Tote Bag 2016

Prada Tote Bag 2016

Prada Tote Bag 2016

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