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UFC president Dana White, who did not attend the post fight news conference, changed his mind later and confirmed that Edgar and Maynard will face off again next.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. On a night when several fighters fell down Uk Burberry Bags

"Definitely a first for me," Edgar (13 1 1) said of the beatdown.

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"I was swinging for the fences," Maynard acknowledged later.

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´╗┐Maynard to fight again for lightweight title

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Should the fight have been stopped in the first?

Asked for his view, White said "(A) draw made sense to me."

Judges Patricia Morse Jarman awarded the second, third and fourth round to Edgar and the fifth to Maynard on her 47 47 scorecard.

"Just beat him up. You don't need to knock him out. That will come," former champion Randy Couture yelled in Maynard's corner after the second Prada Gray Bag round. "You gave him the round."

"I thought that was my fight, I thought I had the belt," Maynard said. "I worked my ass off for this. I don't know. I guess it (the Pettis news) kind of hurts."

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The first round was a car crash for the champion, who resembled a Cirque du Soleil performer more than a fighter the way he flew backwards, hit the ground, bounced up and down, and off the fence at various points.

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Judge Glen Trowbridge gave the second and fourth to Edgar and third and fifth to Maynard in his 48 46 decision for Maynard.

Montreal referee Yves Lavigne, who has been criticized for stepping in too early in the past, stayed back even when a crumpled Edgar was taking punishment at the fence from a relentless Maynard.

bigger Maynard, like Edgar a former All American collegiate wrestler, landed three of 20.

A bloody Edgar somehow survived the first round, regained his senses and used his speed and technical striking the rest of the way to earn the draw thus retaining his 155 pound title. Penn met at UFC 41 in February 2003.

the ladder, or perhaps right out of the UFC, Gray (The Bully) Maynard may feel the most pain in exiting UFC 125 the same spot he came in.

The scoring of the third and fifth rounds decided the outcome.

round 10 8 for Maynard. And all three gave the second and fourth to a resurgent Edgar.

FightMetric, which tracks MMA bouts, said Maynard landed 25 significant strikes in the first round compared to 46 over the next four rounds.

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Edgar, in search of "a little more closure," was all for a rematch.

A glum Maynard was in a dark place after the bout, especially when he heard that Edgar would fight WEC champion Anthony (Showtime) Pettis next as planned, rather than face Maynard a third time.

Overall, Edgar was good on three of 13 takedown attempts, including one big slam. The Burberry Black Nylon Backpack

"It could have been," said Maynard (11 0 1 with one no contest). "He was all over the place. It could have been easily (stopped), I thought."

Both fighters showed damage afterwards. Maynard, with welts under both eyes, looked the worse for wear but Edgar was also hurting.

The hard nosed lightweight laid a beating on champion Frankie (The Answer) Edgar in the first round Saturday night, knocking him down multiple times. But he could not finish him and had to settle for a draw.

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By the end of the fight, Edgar had a 95 71 in significant strikes.

In the second round, he managed just six.

And Marcos Rosales awarded two through five for Edgar in his 48 46 nod to the champion.

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All three judges scored the first Burberry Black Zipper Bag

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