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But my argument is really that state controlled schools and compulsory education is a perversion, home schooling is just one alternative.

As a result, work that was more interesting and enjoyable to me was never very far behind and I have not claimed a single week of unemployment benefit over a working life of almost two decades.

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ZooLander needs to learn 'constructive criticism', instead of just telling people "you have no idea what you are talking about". And you Oadby Local, need to stop trying to derail every discussion with informal fallacies it's extremely petty and boring for casual readers of this site one would expect more from a person connected to a university.

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Like Mr Rowe and others, I trained for specific qualifications, but whenever periods of unemployment approached (such as the ending of a contract), I swiftly took any work that was available to me, including unskilled work outside my area of training.

'concepts' are more difficult to quantify (that does not necessarily mean they are less valid). Are you sure you are/were a university lecturer? Your reasoning skills seem heavily flawed.

"how do you qualify your statement, "Home schooled children are much smarter"?

"Teachers earn an average of 37k. It is not much of a deterrent to improve." Do they?

Broken logic. The result of a football match can be viewed empirically. However, Burberry Handbag Gred Aaa

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School absence fines are lenient

you are unemployed and have a bad attitude towards education?

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It is of no surprise to me that Phil Rowe states that he cannot find work in his area of his choice, since his CV now shows that he has not undertaken any paid work of any kind for almost half a decade.

It is, however, extremely admirable to see a person hold down 20 to 30 hours as a kitchen hand or bar worker while volunteering six to 12 hours a week, every week, and I would be far more likely to employ the latter over the former.

life is what you make of it, I gained good grades in a so called poor school. I worked hard and independently in my own time. Sounds like you (Nick co) had poor grades and looking at the profile/s a weak job in the past. This might explain why Burberry Wallet And Bags

Numerous studies may suggest that homeschooled students on average outperform their peers on standardised tests. Wikipedia.

Prada Velvet Handbag

Prada Velvet Handbag

It is not difficult to maintain a full time volunteering post in an area Prada Velvet Handbag of work that you love.

I suggest Mr Rowe does one of two things, either he sets up his own business, registering as a self employed environmental land manager (part of his work could be teaching short course or workshops) or that he gains paid employment at 20 to 30 hours a week, while still volunteering and/or building his business on the side.

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Prada Velvet Handbag

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Following on from the Mailbox debate that your correspondent Phil Rowe's full time volunteering is a hobby, I was given a good piece of advice at the start of my working life it is always easier to gain work when you are in work.

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Being willing to work hard in a different job when necessary also demonstrates the two favourite qualities of almost every employer adaptability and flexibility.

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It is a route that countless people have used successfully.

"Judging by the poor quality of state education I doubt if a few weeks off will make much of a difference."

There is no question that volunteering enhances a CV, but more is not better if it displaces all forms of paid employment.

Prada Velvet Handbag

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