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For political parties these offices can be nice plums with which to reward different factions. But quite often these obscure offices become political footballs, causing no end of strife and endless civil wars.

Prada Bags Nylon Tote

Prada Bags Nylon Tote

Not to mention that positions like tax collector and the minor county row offices are completely obscure and ignored by voters. They pollute the ballot with a list of unknown names for unknown offices.

on public policy. Tax collectors, for example, are mere bookkeepers, they do not get to decide which taxes to collect and which to ignore. Electing tax collectors makes about as much sense as electing airline pilots or doctors.

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Voters are (rightly) focused on the important offices such as county commissioner (or county executive) and district attorney. With limited time and a limited attention span, there is no room for thought about minor row offices, not that there is anything to really think about. Voters choosing candidates based on no information isn an election it a lottery.

Cutting back on these offices would improve elections and democracy in the state, not detract from it. Voters and the media could concentrate on the offices with significant responsibilities and policy latitude.

The argument for maximizing the number of elected offices is that it increases the democratic power of the people.

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The state is chock full of local offices that have no business being on the ballot. Prothonotaries, recorders of deeds, registers of wills, and tax collectors are all offices that should be scrubbed from the ballot permanently.

If Paterno were running for Congress or the Legislature it would not be such a big deal. In Congress, with 435 House members, or in the Legislature, with 253 members, a couple of empty suits warming seats have little real effect.

late Catherine Baker Knoll.

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That is a simpleton argument. These local offices are positions with specific duties that entail no decisions Burberry Drifter Backpack

Prada Bags Nylon Tote

Prada Bags Nylon Tote

But, there is only one governor and that would be one expensive empty suit for Pennsylvania. Imagine if former Gov. Ed Rendell had departed office before his term was up and left the state in the hands of the the Burberry Iphone 6 Case Leather

The method of selecting lieutenant governor is clearly flawed. Since voters really vote for governor and the gubernatorial candidate policies, the lieutenant governor should be selected by each party respective nominee for governor to reflect these positions. The candidate each party nominee selects would be the first decision the voters would get to evaluate.

The fight for these offices, either in primaries or general Burberry Military Backpack

Paterno is hardly the first, and certainly won be the last, utterly unqualified body who tries to slide into political office.

But lieutenant governor is just one example of an elective office in Pennsylvania that should not be elective.

is a public affairs consultant and a former political consultant in Pennsylvania. His work appears periodically on PennLive.

elections sucks up scarce financial resources better used in the race for important offices like county commissioner or district attorney. The effort of placing of simply placing these candidates on the ballot is a nuisance.

Here's why Pennsylvania Prada Bags Nylon Tote needs to stop electing its lieutenant governor

Prada Bags Nylon Tote

The problem is not in Paterno holding the office of lieutenant governor, but the possibility, however remote, of him actually becoming governor.

Prada Bags Nylon Tote

Prada Bags Nylon Tote

Prada Bags Nylon Tote

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