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Kottke surmised that it meant NASA had found life on Titan, Saturn's largest moon.

This sort of void helped Prada Handbags Price In India create a zero gravity Internet universe that allowed the arsenic of nonsense to imitate the phosphorous of well fertilized thought.

Since Monday, the virtual universe here on Earth has been buzzing with the news that a group of astrobiologists from America's space agency have found evidence of life in our Solar System.

Prada Handbags Price In India

To raise money for that cause, a slew of pop culture celebrities announced they would give their digital lives for charity. And Burberry Handbags Tote

Talk about your black hole of nothingness.

Prada Handbags Price In India

Prada Handbags Price In India

Prada Handbags Price In India

I suspect that this week's installment of life in the universe drama was fueled by its incidental convergence with World AIDS Day.

arsenic on Titan, and maybe even detected chemical evidence of bacteria utilizing it for photosynthesis," Kottke wrote on Monday.

that until all their fans contributed $1 million, this constellation of stars would stop posting what they were doing and eating on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They would be performing "a digital life sacrifice" for charity.

It's no wonder that life in outer space bubbled out of the Internet at a time when the lives of our own stars were temporarily light years away.

NASA scientists found that in Mono Lake, a body of water with an unusual chemistry, a type of bacteria has been able to grow by its ability to make arsenic do the job of phosphorous.

Prada Handbags Price In India

But Saturn turned out to be California.

Prada Handbags Price In India

Prada Handbags Price In India

NASA found new life in . drumroll, please . California.

It's not the first time we've been let down this way. Two years ago, the Internet briefly created life on Mars by wildly speculating that the space agency had briefed the White House about evidence of life collected by the Phoenix Mars Lander.

´╗┐Looking for life in all the wrong places

And it turned out that Burberry Handbags On Ebay

Which, technically, is only considered outer space in the Berkeley area.

If phosphorous, thought to be one of the essential building blocks of all life, could be replaced by another element, then maybe our assumptions of where life might exist has been wrong.

Prada Handbags Price In India

I would have settled for finding Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. announcement to get the big news.

Prada Handbags Price In India

Prada Handbags Price In India

"We've cracked open the door," said researcher Felisa Wolfe Simon. to walk in.

Bacteria on Saturn? Maybe those rings are really just the planetary equivalent of strep throat.

I'm chocking it up to further proof that if you're not careful, spending too much time on the Internet will just make you more stupid.

"So, if I had to guess at what NASA is going to reveal on Thursday I'd say that they've discovered Burberry Embossed Wallet

What the helium is that supposed to mean?

Thursday's announcement took on a life of its own after Jason Kottke, a widely read New York based blogger with about 70,000 Twitter followers, posted an item on Monday that he entitled "Has NASA discovered extraterrestrial life?"

That's right. The world would have to go on spinning without the constant ruminations of Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest and others.

The posting noted that the space agency's news conference was going to feature a slew of the agency's astrobiologists to discuss, in NASA's words, a "finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life."

But this Martian conspiracy theory gave way to the more traditional Earth bound Internet follies, most notably the presidential birth certificate conspiracy.

Prada Handbags Price In India

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