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"As far as I'm concerned the legal Burberry Tweed Handbag

"He was certainly known to both victims in this matter.

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"We just lost her now and I've got double problems."

"My wife passed away Burberry Tote Bag Nordstrom

Officers arrested the man at his house in December 2012 following the discovery of Ms Fullerton's body next to her vehicle on Groves Road, Quorn.

Following the appearance of Omonte Extrada in the Port Augusta court, Jessie's father Noel Fullerton spoke to the media about the heartache that has devastated his family since Jessie's murder.

"Everyone knows how she died, they don't know how brave she was when she died, but we can't get a death certificate to finalise things."

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How the murder unfolded

Detective Superintendent Grant Moyle said police believed she was killed because she came into contact with the accused and his first alleged victim, Rebecca Wild.

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"I can't even get a death certificate for that girl until the coroner courts decide they're going to give it to me," he said.

"Young Jessie, if she didn't die, she probably would have got a medal because she went over there, she knew the bloke, and she went out of her way to help someone in stress, and she got killed for it."

"We know that the body of the Port Pirie girl was buried there [Quorn cemetery] in a shallow grave and it will be excavated this morning."

While Mr Fullerton said he was pleased Omonte Extrada had entered a guilty plea, he expressed his concern for the legal system.

Ms Fullerton was last seen alive after she left the Transcontinental Hotel.

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"Every time she saw a photograph of her or someone talked about her she went back to the day of the murder.

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this week and she had not got over Jessie's death," Prada Purse Brown he said.

He will now await sentencing in the Adelaide Supreme Court on October 14.

Jose Omonte Extrada has pleaded guilty to the murders of Jacinta Leigh Fullerton and Rebecca Wild.

"We had to take her away to Darwin to get her out of the environment here that we're in.

"It would appear that the murder of Jessie was a result of her coming across this person with the first victim and as a result of that, it will be alleged that this is why she Burberry Crossbody Bucket Bag

Mr Fullerton said he and his family would continue to grieve the death of Jessie, but hoped the court would sentence Omonte Extrada appropriately.

"When we came back we were going to take down all the photos in the house because looking at the photos just triggered it back to what it was.

Ms Wild's body was found buried in a shallow grave at Quorn Cemetery, about 5km from where Ms Fullerton's body was found.

system in this country is very strange," he said.

Mr Omonte Extrada was arrested shortly after the discovery of Ms Fullerton's body.

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Quorn murderer pleads guilty

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Mr Omonte Extrada appeared in the Port Augusta Magistrates Court via video link on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to two counts of murder.

Mr Fullerton's wife, Isabel, passed away this week, and Mr Fullerton said Jessie's death had 'broken her heart'.

The body of Ms Fullerton was found next to her Toyota HiLux about 100m from her grandparents' house in Quorn, where she was living, on December 5 last year.

"The rest of the family is very pleased that he admitted guilt, but the trouble is that everyone knows he's guilty, so why do the courts go on for so long?

Mr Fullerton said he had been unable to obtain an official death certificate for Jessie as a result of the ongoing trial.

was murdered when she was," said Det Supt Moyle.

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