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She continues: "Please do not allow this to happen. As a local community we are working hard to keep it a family friendly, community friendly residential environment, but this proposal will create considerable increased night time noise pollution."

The new Domino's is hoping to stay open until 5am, while Mega Bite plans to sell alcohol until 3am every night of the week, as well as staying open until 3.30am.

"Just serving food late already creates a public nuisance and I have witnessed plenty of minor crimes there.

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food until 5am every night of the week, extending the current licence by four hours Monday to Saturday and five and a half hours on Sundays.

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"Here, residents already experience low level nuisance in the form of people congregating to eat food purchased at local takeaways."

Many people are concerned that if the applications are granted it will lead to further disturbance on a street which they say already suffers late night noise problems.

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´╗┐Objections have been made to plans by two Bath takeaways to stay open into the early hours of the morning as Burberry Backpack Women's

"As a matter of sensible public policy, people who have been drinking heavily should be encouraged to return to their homes as quickly as possible, rather than stopping to top up with more alcohol on their journey."

Residents in London Road have opposed applications by Mega Bite and Domino's, which have both applied to stay open until 3am and beyond every night.

Concerns have been raised that the extension will encourage people Prada Eyeglasses 2016 to congregate outside the premises causing further noise and disruption in the area.

"This is primarily a residential area and our flats have bedrooms situated at the front of our properties so all four flats would be affected by increased noise at night, of cars pulling up, doors slamming, and other related noise of people gathering on the pavement."

He added: "The front of my home looks out on to Bedford Street and the back of my home looks on to the adjacent small car parks.

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Prada Eyeglasses 2016

Objections have been made to plans by two Bath takeaways to stay open into the early hours of the morning as well as serve alcohol from one of the premises.

But the takeaway has agreed to conditions imposed by the police, which suggests the only alcohol sold after 11pm will by way of delivery. And any alcohol sold before that time will only be done so with food orders of or more.

David Moore, of Bedford Street, whose flat overlooks Mega Bites, said: "London Road residents already suffer from a great deal of late night noise and disturbance from people who are drunk.

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Mary Dooley, of Walcot Buildings, said in her objection: "The proposal to open until 5am is totally inappropriate.

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well as serve alcohol from one of the premises

Meanwhile, objections have also been made in London Road to an application by the new Domino's Pizza place formerly the Longacre Tavern to serve Burberry Pvc Tote

One resident who Burberry Bags Outlet Uk

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Prada Eyeglasses 2016

He said: "The part of London Road that Mega Bite is located on is already quite a rough area with Snow Hill located opposite.

Prada Eyeglasses 2016

has complained about the Mega Bite application and said in his objection to Bath and North East Somerset Council that there was enough noise disruption in the area already.

"With an alcohol licence this would dramatically increase and cause the area to become even more rough."

Prada Eyeglasses 2016

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