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Prada Classic Handbag

In a refrain picked up by many African Americans, Obama election to a second term has a special feel of its own.

for the second time around, according to most early estimates, as compared to 1.8 million four years ago.

Prada Classic Handbag

Prada Classic Handbag

But if you, like Harrisburg Rose Bowman, have lived through Jackie Robinson, Brown v. the Board of Education, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Have a Dream speech and any number of other civil rights milestones in America, the second inauguration of President Barack Obama was every bit as meaningful.

That is to say, to sing, laugh and dance with like minded Americans from places like Suffolk, Va., Summiton, Ala., and Lima, Ohio. To feel like Americans in a time and place set aside for national pride.

Where 2008 was ground breaking and ceiling shattering, this was, many said, vindication that that first election was not a fluke, and political America has now elected its first African American president to a second term.

Prada Classic Handbag

If you were like Michelle Hollman or Sheila Carson, Harrisburg grandmothers with 10 year old grandkids for whom they are busting with excitement over a future with seemingly unlimited opportunities, it was a day to celebrate with them. this morning, all for the luxury of walking and standing for hours at an event where attending live still meant, for most, watching on a screen. Read the full text of Obama's speech here.

For most midstaters, whether from the city church or a Dickinson College political science class, it was a long, slow but ultimately cheerful trek just to make it from the bus drop outside Crossbody Burberry Bags

Once in place, attendees could technically see where the guests of honor were. That because you could see the Capitol in the distance, and the ant sized crowds positioned in front of it.

think as a person of color this is a thrill, said Prada Classic Handbag Carren Wilson, 61, and the organizer of the trip sponsored by the Bethel Village AME Church in Harrisburg. "We didn think [Obama] could do it once. But for him to turn around and do it again . I still excited. on the Harrisburg bus, like Wilson, were return visitors, back to see what they could from the National Mall.

But that OK.

It wasn nearly as crowded as 2009, as it turned out.

But for the spectators, it was also something like an endurance test.

But Monday, coming on the national commemoration of King birthday, was the real public celebration for all of his supporters: voting age or not.

For these folks, being there was better.

Prada Classic Handbag

So yes, for Carson, a retired Harrisburg High School guidance counselor with Burberry Purse Quality

But actually watching or listening to the ceremeny meant training your eyes on big video screens positioned along the side of the Mall.

Prada Classic Handbag

Maybe there were 600,000 spectators Burberry Purse Price Range

her grandson Quron in tow, the day was to help convince him set his own goals high.

Prada Classic Handbag

Prada Classic Handbag

Prada Classic Handbag

Midstaters savor President Obama's second inauguration

Prada Classic Handbag

"It something in history for me, said Bowman, an 82 year old state government retiree. just something that I thought I would never see. Constitution.

Make no mistake. In political terms, after the rhetorical wars of the past many months, this was a lovefest.

But it was also for her, she said. Obama re election that people believed in him in spite of all the negativity that was going on during the campaign season, Carson said.

RFK Stadium to the grassy lawn between the Capitol and the Washington Monument.

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