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used for treatment of infertility, including hCG shots might cause the test to be falsely positive. So could an ectopic pregnancy (when the foetus is implanted in an area other than the uterus like the Fallopian tubes or the cervix), though technically it is a pregnancy.

Prada Bag Png

Prada Bag Png

If the test is negative the first time you perform it, wait for 72 hours and repeat the test. The first negative result might be because the test was taken too early Burberry Whipstitch Tote

How to do a home pregnancy test

Though very rare, this could happen. Certain drugs, especially drugs Burberry Bag Harrods

Prada Bag Png

Prada Bag Png

Pregnancy tests are usually stored in the refrigerator. These kits are usually more expensive (around Rs 150). 'C' indicates a control. This band must always appear because this is the comparison band. 'T' indicates the test sample. Repeat the test with a new pack of pregcolor cards after 72 hours. In case of a faint band, repeat the test with a new pack of pregcolor cards after 72 hours.

Try to perform the test first thing in the morning for optimal results, though this is not mandatory.

doctor anyway. But the first thing the doctor did at the clinic was perform the urine pregnancy test. And it Prada Bag Png looked so simple." she says.

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and the hormone levels had not risen enough to be detected. On the other hand, it could be because of faulty technique. Follow the instructions carefully when you repeat the test.

"I was not sure if I could really do the test at home, so I decided to see the Burberry Phone Case Samsung Galaxy S3

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How is the test performed?

WhenDivya Mani, a 24 year old accountant from Mumbai, missed her period, she figuredshe may be pregnant. Divyaknew about home pregnancy tests. But did she take one? No. Instead, she made an appointment with an obstetrician.

What if the test is negative?

Dr Anjali Rajurkar, an obstetrician from Mumbai, says, "If you are experiencing other symptoms of pregnancy and yet your test turns out negative twice, see your obstetrician immediately. "

In most cases, the test is sensitive enough to detect pregnancy even on the day of the missed period. In some women though, the levels of hCG are not detectable so early in the pregnancy. If the test is negative, you might want to try and repeat it after 72 hours.

Pain medication, oral contraceptives, antibiotics, etc,usually do not affect the test results.

How does it work?

It is, in fact, advisable to wait a couple of days to a week after missing your period, before you perform the test. This will help avoid a falsely negative test.

Divya is one amongmany educated women who did not take advantage of the convenience of this test. The reason: they are unsure of the details.

Prada Bag Png

Can the test be falsely positive?

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The home pregnancy test works by detecting a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine. This hormone appears in a pregnant woman's urine, approximately 20 days after her last menstrual period. The levels then rise rapidly, reaching a peak in the next 60 to 80 days.

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Will the test work if I have just missed my period?

If you miss a period and want to quickly check if you are pregnant, before you visit your doctor, try the home pregnancy test. This is is especially convenient forwomen who are trying to get pregnant. After all, you do not want to go rushing to a doctor each time you experiencesome telltale sign of pregnancy but are not sure you are pregnant.

Prada Bag Png

Prada Bag Png

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