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Pink Prada Backpack

Although the bridge is not in any immediate danger of collapse, it will need to be repaired in the near future. Innes said it not something that can be left in the state that it in for the long term.

of course, a lot of contractors have a lot of projects on the go already. So, as far as the ultimate pricing, I guess we going to see what that going to be, because I think that we may unfortunately, due to the lateness of the season, see a higher price on getting that work done. the city is looking to get the repairs complete sooner, so as not to leave the bridge in its current state for too long, Innes said the fall is being looked at as the window for the fixes.

Officials with the City of Prince Albert met with the provincial ministry of highways Wednesday morning and discussed how to go about repairing the bridge along Highway 55 near Little Red River Park.

them, they have a couple hundred of these bridges, I believe, whereas for us, we only have one. So they got a lot of experience with them. price tag for the repairs has not been set, but the fact that it now later in the work season may affect the cost of the project.

But when the work is actually underway, the process will proceed rapidly, he added.

For now, the lane restrictions on the bridge will remain in place. Innes said the important thing is to have the loadings the weight supported by the bridge applied where there are piers.

what today was, was largely very technical in nature, Burberry Handbags Sale Uk

director of public works Colin Innes said Wednesday afternoon. was productive, we got a lot of good information out of highways and so it was certainly worth our while. Highway 55 bridge was damaged earlier this year by debris in the Little Red River, which flows under the structure. Two wooden piles were knocked away, as were the crossbeams under the bridge.

Pink Prada Backpack

of water.

Pink Prada Backpack

paNOW Staff

Pink Prada Backpack

Hwy 55 bridge meeting 'productive'

Pink Prada Backpack

Pink Prada Backpack

The repairs will involve coring through the bridge surface, advancing the piling under the stringers and when the pilings are righted and pinned into the stringers, Innes said. The deck will then be fixed.

Pink Prada Backpack

They met at the bridge for about three hours, giving highways officials an opportunity to have a look at the bridge. The ministry officials also helped to provide the city with technical specifications, so a spec package could be put together for the repair.

so, because the two piers are missing on the one side, we moved all of the traffic to the south on the bridge. So it off of where the piers are missing. reduced speed limit will also remain in place for the time being.

figured from their experience, that it would be a four to five day process to do that, he said. Burberry Canvas Crossbody Bag

Pink Prada Backpack

Pink Prada Backpack

kind of information that we were gathering today, will enable us to make sure we able to get a proper repair done, and to provide the specifications to contractors so they know what they have to do in order to get the fix in place. provincial highways officials that met with the city have worked on repairs to wood bridges similar to the one on Highway 55. Innes said they were able to share a lot of knowledge with the city.

The debris was sent careening into the bridge by high flowing water in the river. The high water flow was the result of a release of water from a dam Pink Prada Backpack near Anglin Lake, aimed at relieving pressure on the body Burberry Purse Women

Pink Prada Backpack

Pink Prada Backpack

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