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Finally, as you near Sedgwick once more you can see, over the parkland, elegant Sedgwick House, built in 1868 by the Wakefield family, who owned the Wakefield Gunpowder works at Sedgwick.

2. From the cross of roads, turn right and a short way along go through the signed gate on the left and head for the stile in the far right corner.

Ascend the gently climbing lane to the crossroads. (To visit the charming Crosscrake Church bear left)

Go through two gates and bear right and wind left to take stone steps over the wall giving onto a quiet, narrow lane.

Continue on with care along the quiet way to pass under the railway bridge and then go on past the Maize Maze farm.

Turn right and walk on, ignoring a signposted left turn.

1 Walk ahead on Natland Road to pass under the aqueduct, using Prada Wallets For Men the narrow pavement, and go ahead to take the second turn on the right.

Strike slightly right on an obvious grassy path towards a wall, and a gate, to the right of some houses at Summerlands. A step stile to the left of the gate gives access to a track.

into the yard and, keeping the house to your right, carry on to go through a gate onto an excellent narrow access lane, with grass

Prada Wallets For Men

6 Carry on along the cut to cross over an easy to miss aqueduct over the Stainton Beck. Walk on to where the canal ceases to be in water.

Beyond, continue beside the wall on the left and then curve round right to the obvious stile over the wall ahead.

Sedgwick walk From The Westmorland Gazette

Skettlegill Hill (92m).

Walk straight ahead, rising slightly, from the stile to reach a gate onto a narrow track.

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Stroll the peaceful way until you reach a lane corner and turn right.

Prada Wallets For Men

Maintain the same line of direction to the bottom right corner to take an unusual stile into another pasture.

Prada Wallets For Men

Once over ascend gently beside the wall on your left, pausing often to enjoy the glorious views, before reaching the crest of Burberry Iphone Case 6 Plus

Here take the narrow waymarked path through woodland to the left of the gate.

down the middle.

3. A few steps right take more stone steps over the wall opposite, into a pasture and very soon pass through a gate, on your left, into a larger pasture.

Lake District fells.

Prada Wallets For Men

Prada Wallets For Men

Prada Wallets For Men

Once horses on the busy Lancaster Canal were changed and stabled here. The route continues over fine extensive pastures from where there are wide ranging views over gentle rolling slopes to the

disport among the floating flat leaves.

Prada Wallets For Men

Prada Wallets For Men

As there is no car park at Sedgwick, use roadside parking on the west side of the aqueduct, grid ref 514870.

Then descend, straight down, towards Skettlegill farm, where much building work is in progress.

Walk on a few steps and take the good footpath, left, down to the towpath and turn left under the bridge. Enjoy the lovely grassy path and the large patches of yellow pond weed where moorhens

Follow the very narrow tarmacked way through fields of maize to bear left, beside the Lancaster Canal and Burberry Bag Design

The way is a little overgrown at first but soon becomes a pleasing way through more woodland to arrive, all too soon, after bending left, to a step stile, near a gate, into a field.

5 Just before High Commonmire farm, go through the gate Burberry Nubuck Crossbody

continue to cross Field End Bridge over the waterway.

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4 Turn right to walk the delightful hedged way. Continue ahead through a waymarked gate and then along the side of Eskrigg Wood into a small clearing with a gate ahead, which you ignore.

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