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of the grant, titled "Project Impact," is to identify and implement strategies to improve school climate, according to Zarozinski.

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At the conclusion of the training, students took an oath of confidentiality, a crucial aspect of the program. Students serving as peer mediators must have acceptable disciple and academic records, according to Zarozinksi.

"We are very fortunate that some of the students served as mediators at their middle schools," she added.

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FITCHBURG A grant from the state Attorney General's office is making it possible for Monty Tech, working collaboratively with LUK Crisis Center, to strengthen its commitment to providing students with a safe environment where learning is the priority.

Monty Tech gets grant for peer mediation

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A total of 12 students recently completed a three day peer mediation training program conducted by the Mediation Services of North Central Massachusetts Inc.

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Prada Bags Black And White

The state Attorney General's office Burberry Purse Pink

Carmen J. Vargas, supervisor for the Peer Mediation Program, added, "In peer mediation, students are taught a process of communication and problem solving that they apply to help their peers reach settlements of disagreements without confrontation or violence."

"This school is fantastic at putting out fires. We spend more time preventing discipline issues than dealing with actual incidents," he said. "Our staff is very receptive to mediation, and our student body knows we protect our sources," he stressed.

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"The grant enables us to reinforce our goal of providing a safe environment in which everyone can Prada Bags Black And White feel free of harassment, threats and abuse," she said.

"This component allows us to refute, through actual data, misconceptions some students have about prevailing social behavior among their peers; the 'everybody else is doing it' mentality," Zarozinski explained. "This will be accomplished by adults and students using the data to design marketing materials which will be utilized throughout the school to reinforce nonviolent conflict resolution, prevent bullying and promote the use of the peer mediation program," she added.

"Students are bringing these pressures to school. Not all issues have a resolution, but this (peer mediation) is a step toward it."

Steve Tata, another dean, said students are very stressed today, particularly in light of the impact the current financial crisis is having on their families.

Peer mediation is defined as a process whereby people work out their conflicts with the help of a neutral third party, who listens to people talk about what happened and helps them figure out a solution.

is providing the funding through its "Improving School Climate through Violence Prevention, Peer Mediation and Community Intervention" grant.

As part of that grant, the school is implementing programs aimed at improving school climate through peer mediation, a violence prevention curriculum and community intervention.

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Prada Bags Black And White

Victoria Zarozinski, Director of Monty Tech's Student Support Services, partnered with LUK Crisis Center in obtaining the Burberry Handbag New

Specifically, the funding is allowing Monty Tech to re establish its peer mediation program, provide a non violence curriculum for students, and utilize an approach know as "social norms marketing campaign."

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Speaking to the new mediators at a ceremony held at the conclusion of the training, Thomas Porter, Monty Tech Dean of Students, said Monty Tech's approach to discipline is very proactive.

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