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Tour qualifier, losing 6 5 to Adam Hunt, but again has no qualms with his performance levels.

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Back in January, Newell navigated Q School and secured a two year spot on the PDC circuit, becoming one of only 128 holders of a much sought after tour card.

this time I managed to break back despite him starting four of Burberry Handbag Original

"After Crawley I felt I needed this to happen otherwise it might all get a bit too much for me. It will enable me to practice through the week for five or six hours a day.

"On that occasion, he fired on and I couldn't catch him but Burberry Tote Bag

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After a first round 6 2 victory against Sweden's Magnus Caris, Newell then came unstuck against Terry Jenkins, losing 6 5 after missing double top for victory.

"I played well again but just didn't kill it off when 5 2 up. I'm disappointed with the result but that's it. In fairness, I was happy with my showing throughout the weekend."

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"I'd decided to do Q School but more for experience than anything else, see what level I was at, not really thinking of career.

"I finished work on Friday and then it was straight on the train at Windermere to Wigan and then into action so it was not ideal preparation," he said.

"Vincent is a class player and he's that quick a thrower that when the first one goes in, the other two are there before you've even blinked," he added.

"I can also improve my preparation for tournaments. Travel down in decent time rather than rushing around last minute.

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"Overall though these latest rounds were the best I've played just not my best results. I feel it's all starting to come together."

The latest stages of the Players Championship in Wigan saw Newell beaten 6 2 by 28th seed Vincent van der Voort in round seven before swelling the prize money pot in round eight.

"Now I can give my all, hopefully these last 64s and 32s will turn into last 16s, last eights, last fours and who knows, maybe a couple of finals."

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Newell has already claimed some prized scalps in his time in the darting spotlight, but with work commitments soon to be a thing of the past, he is targeting plenty more.

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WITH his resignation Prada Backpack Price letter signed, sealed and delivered, Kendal's Tony Newell will begin a new chapter when he becomes a full time darts player at the end of the month.

"It's incredible how life changes," he said. "Around Christmas time I went to a couple of local comps and was just playing those.

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Kendal's Tony Newell targets plenty of scalps as he gets set to embark on a full

"I played well but when someone wins like that you've just got to hold your hands up and say fair enough.

"It went all the way to the last leg. I had 79 left but just missed double top with my last dart to win and he checked out.

This deal will run until January 2016 and completes a remarkable transformation since the turn of the year when thoughts of a professional career were a distant dream.

Newell currently ranked 109th in the PDC Order of Merit also made his debut in the European Burberry Purse Uk

The 31 year old will leave his job as a caretaker at Windermere School after an investor stepped forward and agreed to pay a fixed monthly sum, in return for a percentage of any winnings.

"I was 5 0 up against Magnus and won 6 2 before Terry broke me early, which happened when I played him down in Crawley.

"It's all come so quickly and it's a fantastic opportunity, I never envisaged it all at. When people ask now what I do for a living, I say I'm a professional darts player.

five legs with 180s.

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