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I guess we're supposed to think of him as some kind of pollution double agent. Agent CO2?

big business interests.

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The group applauded Hasner for signing a pledge Burberry Replica Handbags Aaa

Instead, Hasner explains his prior support of cap and trade regulation as a crafty ruse to ensure that a tougher cap and trade bill wasn't passed.

New courage to chase higher office

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And there's certainly no mention about how a cap and trade plan implemented under the 1990 Clean Air Act dramatically reversed the acid rain problem in America.

But I'm guessing Hasner's current view on the subject has more to do with the atta boy he received from the Americans for Prosperity, the political action group funded by the godfathers of dirty energy, David and Charles Koch.

So now Hasner is against a cap and trade plan, a system by which the emissions levels of greenhouse gases are capped, and polluters buy and sell pollution credits with each other to comply with the law.

Senate seat Hasner boldly bails out o

It's not in short supply, according to Nancy Argenziano, who spent the past 16 years in the Florida House and Senate and the Public Service Commission. Argenziano wrote a strongly worded piece on Sunday about the "hijacking" of her party by Burberry Golf Backpack

I'll admit, I preferred the old Hasner, who back in his pre courageous days received an "F" from the Christian Coalition of Florida Prada Zip Bag (always a good sign), and sponsored a Florida energy bill that endorsed cap and trade legislation to limit greenhouse gases.

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"But contrary to the current crop of Republican leaders, I do not want Halliburton in charge of the Pentagon, BP heading up the Department of Environmental Protection, or Enron making energy policy.".

It's inspiring to watch.

Hasner's campaign website now refers to cap and trade as a "job killing policy," instead of one that responsibly deals with a problem.

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to "oppose legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue."

Back in those golden oldie days of three years ago, Hasner was happy to burnish his clean energy street cred by sponsoring a bill that said Florida needed "to pursue a market based emissions program, such as cap and trade, to address greenhouse gas reductions."

Now, to be a courageous Republican candidate for high office, you have to pretend that man made climate change either is a hoax, or something not worth tackling if it inconveniences the nation's biggest polluters, whose fragile windfall profits must not be affected.

At the time, Hasner's office called it "responsibly addressing global climate change."

I'm enjoying the new Adam Hasner, the champion of conservative principles that have been so central to his political life for, oh, the better part of a year now. senator.

"To turn things around we will need more conservatives with the courage to say what needs to be said," Hasner said while announcing his candidacy last month.

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But like I said, that was in his pre courageous days.

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"I have been a Republican, and believe in the Republican principles of long ago: Less government in my private life; don't tax us to death; personal responsibility; the right to protect myself and family; and for allowing business to do what it does best do business, without excessive or unnecessary regulations," Argenziano wrote in The Citrus County Chronicle.

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Yes, the courage to be useful to the deepest pocket.

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