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Each project Prada Sunglasses For Man was graded separately by three judges.

They were surprised by the results.

They used a reusable hand warmer and soaked it in water of varying temperatures to test how hot it would get, Keogh said.

Nearby, Ryan Boyden, 17, displayed what looked like an Erector Set bridge with a wood truss.

Erin Ellis, a senior aquarist at New England Aquarium in Boston, was invited to judge by biology teacher Michelle Olivari, who once worked as an aquarist at the aquarium.

Prada Sunglasses For Man

The hardwood poplar did support the most weight but the flexibility of the pine, which is a softer wood, was nearly as strong and cheaper, he said.

Prada Sunglasses For Man

Boyden hypothesized that hard Burberry Bag Brown Leather

On the other side of the school cafeteria, Olivia Jones, 14, sat with her tri board displaying results of the experiment she and her partner Hannah Kendall, 14, performed to learn why some birds such as geese fly in a V formation.

cheaper so it's more efficient in my opinion," Boyden said.

cold water, Zupko said.

All the students had to perform experiments, but only students who demonstrated the best effort were invited to the science fair.

"It's significantly Burberry Crossbody Bag For Sale

Prada Sunglasses For Man

Prada Sunglasses For Man

They hypothesized that the hand warmer would get hotter, faster in Burberry Iphone 8 Plus Case

He tested hard and soft woods to determine which would make the best trusses.

"We found out at a 50 degree angle they had the most amount of reduced drag," Jones said.

"It did take more time in the hot water, but actually created more heat," she said.

The experiment could prove valuable for outdoor activities, said Keogh, who is in the school's marching band.

Dutka only did one round of experiments, so Jablonski told her if she wanted to get in the fair, the sophomore had to do two more rounds of trials with eight types of milk.

Prada Sunglasses For Man

Prada Sunglasses For Man

Up to 12 winners will be sent to a regional competition at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

"When they design bridges, they want to see how much force a material can handle before they snap or fail," he said.

It was tedious work making the trusses, which were just 21.2 inches at their longest point and 1.825 inches tall with zigzag braces between the upper and lower bars.

"I thought soy milk would have the least amount (of lactose), but it was almond milk," Dutka said.

They created a wind tunnel and recorded the readings on 28 flight positions using two model birds.

wood would be the best for trusses, but the results forced him to change his mind.

"It's always good to be prepared and know how your equipment will react," she said.

"We found out it reduces the drag of the following birds," Jones said.

In past years, the science fair was mandatory for all students in grades 9 11, but the science department downsized it this year, said chemistry teacher Beth Jablonski.

Prada Sunglasses For Man

Prada Sunglasses For Man

Sophomore classmates Meghan Keogh and Zoe Zupko, tested the effect temperatures play on how hot chemical hand warmers get.

LEOMINSTER Ketheny Dutka suspected she was lactose intolerant and remained interested in the subject even after learning she didn't have the condition.

Prada Sunglasses For Man

Prada Sunglasses For Man

´╗┐Putting science to the test

There were nearly 40 judges for the science fair, Jablonski said. They included school nurses, teachers from other schools, teachers from the high school whose students weren't in the science fair and engineers.

She decided to study lactose carbohydrates, "which is a milk sugar," Dutka said, for the Leominster High School Science Fair.

Prada Sunglasses For Man

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