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think it a terrible shame that this fine old building has gone. It was visible on the hillside from a long way off, and I think it is a loss to our cultural heritage.

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Current owner, Liberal Democrat peer and keen environmentalist Lord Strasburger, won planning permission last November to replace Upper Langridge Farm with a new home built into the slope of a secluded valley at Langridge.

that barely meet building regulations? They certainly make a nice buck for the developers, but at what cost to the environment and the people who have to heat them?

At least it has been replaced by a sustainable building. How many other lovely old buildings are demolished to make way for substandard, cheap, timber framed rubbish with a lifetime of about 20 years Burberry Embossed Purse

are very keen environmentalists and the replacement will not only be a beautiful house designed by an award winning architect, it will also be carbon negative, producing energy from wind and water and other methods and will put energy back into the National Grid.

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Yesterday the retired businessman said: old house was not very good as a dwelling in the modern era. It was very poorly insulated, with the result that it cost a year to heat to a low temperature. Secondly there is a fabulous view from the site which it was almost impossible to see from inside because of the way it was designed and some was converted from agricultural buildings which meant oddly proportioned, cold rooms.

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Prada Bag Navy

Lord Strasburger Langridge farm Bath

But the council heritage officer, Natural England and the Bath Preservation Trust voiced concerns over the plans for a site which is in the green belt and in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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Up in Odd Down we have seen Prada Bag Navy several old buildings demolished recently to make way for cheaply built flats, or simply demolished for development that has never happened. Then there are our green spaces which are being covered in pointless, un required supermarkets that nobody wants. That is the real scandal not the loss of a house which costed 6,000 a year to heat, pretty as it may have been.

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But farmer Donald MacIntyre, of Manor Farm, Langridge, said: Burberry Bag Blue

Charlcombe Parish Council backed Lord Strasburger plans, as did Bath and North East Somerset Council member champion for energy and climate change, Councillor Ian Gilchrist. Fourteen letters of support were received by planners.

of glazing, although part of the original house will be retained, and most of the Cotswold stone and slates from the old building will be reused on the new building.

Delegated approval for the house was given, provided that Lord Strasburger provided protection for a population of bats on the site.

Only those with the land (ie the rich) and/or money are able to finance the installation; therefore it's paid for by the rest of us.

In an ideal world planning permission should only ever be given for carbon neutral homes like this one. Our building regulations are a joke when it comes to insulation standards, and until the government does something about it (this one won't), we should encourage projects like this.

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Prada Bag Navy

Prada Bag Navy

Using taxes to prop up an industry does not make it "sustainable".

people think that because a building is old that makes it better than a new one but I don think that true.

The peer plans included some flat roofs and large areas Burberry Grey Tote

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