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And, this could be one reason for a situation where it is battling a shrinking market share and declining profitability.

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Itika Sharma Punit in Bengaluru

traditional business, IT services, slowed down, perhaps due to a lack of focus, the co founder said in what is likely to be his last address to investors before he retires in April next year.

While experts continue to be wary about Infosys CEO succession process at a time when faced with a long stretched management restructuring and top level exits, Gopalakrishnan said he was Prada Wallet Small confident they be able to manage the issue.

towards sector leading growth.

you cannot move to a product mindset company when you are such a mature player, Iyengar had said.

While Executive Chairman N R Narayana Murthy had earlier said the Bengaluru based company was in its current state due to a lost focus on its bread and butter traditional IT services, executive vice chairman S Gopalakrishnan has said another mistake was that it did not assess the change in business model in the wake of new technologies.

Infosys, the country second largest information technology services company, says it underestimated the effect of implementing new and upcoming technologies.

´╗┐Infosys admits to making strategy errors

transition is reduced.

Chief executive officer S D Shibulal had said the strategy would be to clients in all facets of their enterprise

He added the presence of Narayana Murthy would help in a smooth transition.

newer services created smaller projects, since many of the engagements were pilots.

CEO transition is an important move that the board has to act on in the coming year, he said.

A little over three years earlier, Infosys had introduced its strategy mainly aimed at widening the focus and looking to move higher in the value chain.

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The company is taking the help of a couple of external agencies to identify internal and external candidates, best suited to lead the team of a little over 160,000 employees Burberry Iphone 5 Case Ebay

Executive vice chairman S Gopalakrishnan says the company went off the mark on effects of new technology adoption, according to Itika Sharma Punit

However, in retrospect, several experts have said the strategy timing was inappropriate. Several observers have also questioned the weakness in execution of the 3.0 strategy.

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truly be a product led company, you need to have an absolute industry leading product.

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Among other things, the strategy aimed at raising revenue share from the products and platforms business, as well as consulting.

also changed the revenue profile, since clients preferred a subscription model to buy cloud services.

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Murthy as executive chairman, the risk in the Burberry S4 Phone Case

2013 14.

underestimated the effects of the adoption of these new technologies and the change in the business model, he said in a note to investors in the company annual report for Burberry Iphone 6 S Case

Prada Wallet Small

Infosys says they want to be a product company based on a thin stream of IP (intellectual property) scattered around the company, it is a difficult choice.

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Prada Wallet Small

In a conversation with Business Standard in September last year, Partha Iyengar, the India head of IT research firm Gartner, had said Infosys 3.0 was the company undoing.

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With incumbent Shibulal set to retire by January 2015, there has been much discussion over Infosys appointing its first non founding CEO.

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