Prada Glasses Sunglasses

Prada Glasses Sunglasses

Prada Glasses Sunglasses

And guess who's got the last laugh? She's parlaying all that pregnancy talk and her successful designing skills into a line of modern maternity clothes.

But lay off Jessica Simpson.

Prada Glasses Sunglasses

Ode to Jessica Simpson

Jessica's entire pregnancy was documented by paparazzi, and talked about by everyone from faceless bloggers to the anchors on SportsCenter to the President.

I watched as she starved herself to star in Dukes of Hazzard, then promptly gained it all back and donned a pair of mom jeans.

Maybe she's smarter than we think she is.

DWTS in Three Words: Oh my shocker. Maria kicked off ? She's almost perfect! Good dancer, too. Finals are set. Donald, Katherine and William. Who will Prada Glasses Sunglasses win? Freestyles Monday night. Those always fun.

Revenge: This should be a good one. Aren't they all? Revenge has two more episodes, the first of which airs tonight at 10. I will be DVRing it. Don't ruin Burberry Whipstitch Tote

She never hid from cameras she even had them at her baby shower, for goodness sakes.

Prada Glasses Sunglasses

From Today's Show:

me start by saying that I never suspected I'd take this stance.

We watched as her taste in men waned a bit when she famously dated Tony Romo and John Mayer.

I was not a Jessica Simpson fan before, but I am now.

How did I get here? I watched as Chicken of the Sea confused her. I felt bad for Nick Lachey for having to think for two people when they were married.

And yet, in that poker game with the media, Jessica calls their baby bump bitterness, and she raises it a smile and a pair of gigantically high, well designed heels.

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Prada Glasses Sunglasses

She may not be the most intelligent, the most talented, or the most stable of stars, but she has shown some serious class in all of this.

Jessica Simpson has lived her entire, generally carefree and thought free adult life in the public spotlight, by her own design. But when she got pregnant, suddenly that good natured media ribbing turned mean.

OK. Celebration complete. Smuckers says it's lowering prices on Folger's, Millstone, Caf Bustelo and Dunkin' Donuts coffee an average of 6 percent. My attitude will have Burberry Handbags Replica

it for me. Seriously. And I love puns. The combination awaits.

Coffee Prices Dropping: I don't care why (green coffee prices are falling), but the cost of our morning coffee is going down. Hold please.

Prada Glasses Sunglasses

As someone who has spent two entire pregnancies on television, I understand the glare can be unnerving. And I'm 4'11" there's nowhere for that baby bump to go but OUT. And I was only on local TV on a show that four people not related to me are awake to see.

Prada Glasses Sunglasses

Prada Glasses Sunglasses

Take that, media. She may not know chicken from fish. But she knows how to make your bad mouthing good for her business.

I'm not doctor, but I do watch a lot of Grey's Anatomy. So I'm pretty sure it was the standard nine months. (If you'd like further proof, please check the "Official Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Timeline." )

I wondered, as most of us did, why a singer with less than a handful of hits remains one of America's most recognizable stars.

Prada Glasses Sunglasses

a similar 6 percent upswing.

My creep meter was pegged every time her dad did a TV interview, including the one where he implied that his talented daughter couldn't make it as a Christian singer because God made her too well endowed.

Prada Glasses Sunglasses

And then we all witnessed what every skinny media snark from ABC News to E! News Live has dubbed THE LONGEST PREGNANCY EVER.

Prada Glasses Sunglasses

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