Prada Backpack 2016

"CAD CAM really saves a lot of time. Otherwise, even to make small modifications, the artisans had to produce an entirely new chappal. They can also look at other models on the Net," she says. Currently, only offsite marketing Bag Burberry Sale

From shaping better designs, to hawking their wares halfway across the world, the artisans egged on by some IT savvy Bangalore based initiatives are leaving behind a unique trail of footprints.

Instead, some 1,600 traditional families make the age old footwear around the village of Athani. Markets, however, lie mainly across the inter state border in the city of Kolhapur, located in Maharashtra.

out better products," says a proud Madhura M Chatrapathy, displaying a whole range of traditional 'Kolhapuri chappals' which now use raw silk, intricate embroidery, braids and even crystals in a bid to attract new audiences.

Prada Backpack 2016

Prada Backpack 2016

Prada Backpack 2016

Traditional artisans in the remote North Karnataka village of Athani, close to the north Karnataka city of Belgaum and some 720 kms north of Bangalore, are finding an unexpected ally in the computer.

The artisans' website helps them to draw global orders. "They have accepted CAD CAM. Though they can't work on it themselves (most of them being illiterate), they can still tell the technician what patterns they want exactly," says Chatrapathy.

made in the city of Kolhapur, as its name suggests.

In addition, using Internet connectivity, artisans have also been able to communicate with a designer based in Madras. "One thing strongly needed for any artisans' group is very strong design. The Internet can put them in touch with designers all over the world," argues Chatrapathy.

is being done via the Net, and deals are done via letters of credit.

Prada Backpack 2016

Kolhapuris are traditional Indian footwear, and normally you wouldn't think that every step you take in them has possibly been made a tad more fashionable through innovative application of IT (information technology).

Kolhapuri is the name of India's most popular traditional Prada Backpack 2016 hand crafted footwear, which has been adorning the feet of women and men here for centuries. Contrary to popular perception, Kolhapuri footwear is not Burberry Bags Buy Online

Chatrapathy says the artisans' work has found buyers from places as varied as Italy, Japan, the US, Germany and Spain.

"Our design studio (at Athani) is using CAD CAM (computer aided design and manufacture) to bring Handbag Burberry Original

Prada Backpack 2016

Prada Backpack 2016

Prada Backpack 2016

Prada Backpack 2016

Also planned is an 'artisan friendly' touch screen interface, that would enable the artisans to demonstrate their product without knowing how to operate a computer to visitors and others who come by.

Prada Backpack 2016

Kolhpuris keep in step

Today, thanks to the technological edge provided by this IT savvy state, this once staid leather footwear could be on its way to getting a foothold in the global market, while also becoming a fashion statement of sorts. "We found that Kolhapuri footwear was being treated in too generic a sense. So we have launched our own brand, called 'ToeHold'," she said. ASCENT works towards fostering an "entrepreneurial society."

Recently, the artisans went to Dusseldorf in Germany, avoiding intermediaries to get a direct "feel of the market." They wanted to know why Germany lacked roadside cobblers who could mend shoes. "We told them this was one reason why they needed hardier footwear for the German market," smiles Chatrapathy.

Prada Backpack 2016

Prada Backpack 2016

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