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Each winner will get a statue, but the hall will keep one trophy and engrave the names of winners on a two tiered 18 inch base made of walnut.

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"There is no particular method or science to it," Bodanza said.

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Little award is not expected to be named until Tuesday.

Only Leominster High School seniors are eligible for the Lou Little award, which is separate from the Culley Award given by team coaches, Donatelli said.

The committee gets suggestions from the community Burberry Backpack Mens Sale

touchdowns," Bodanza said.

Players who were named two or three all star teams received careful consideration.

as well, and studies past all star teams and newspaper clippings back to the 1940s.

Other inductees include Wayne Hatfield, Roger Rosbury, Dave Cote, Donald "Sike" Tocci, Barry Watkins, Stanley Navarolli, Frank Lanza and Robert Mazzaferro.

The entire team from the undefeated 1974 Leominster High School football squad is being inducted.

Little was a player coach for the undefeated 1910 high school football team and went on to coach the University of Georgia and Columbia University, Bodanza said.

Leominster cheers grid greats

Winners are chosen for their exceptional leadership and integrity on and off the field, he said.

"We wanted to make something that is significant and substantial to honor the achievement," Donatelli said.

Committee member Ronald "Togo" Palazzi said he was childhood friends with Hatfield and admired his football prowess.

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The nominating committee developed suggestions for nominees and discussed their merits before voting, Bodanza said.

The inaugural class of inductees in 2010 were awarded posthumously, but last year's class and this year's Prada Bag Velvet include living members.

The Lou Little trophy has a deliberate Heisman esque quality to it appropriate since Little served on the committee that created the award for the New York Downtown Athletic Association in 1935.

"He was a great player and tough," Palazzi said.

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In 1935 he helped the Downtown Athletic Club create the DAC Award with club chairman Willard Prince, Fordham University coach Jim Crowley, who had been a member of the famed Four Horsemen; and retired Rice University coach John Heisman, who was DAC's first athletic director.

This year's winner of the Lou Burberry Bags In Sale

The hall is also inducting Dr. Francis Crowley Jr., Robert Cross and Richard Tucker for their contributions to the high school team.

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"These are legendary names by any measure of football," said the hall's co founder Gil Donatelli at the announcement.

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The inductees were chosen by an eight person committee as well Donatelli and co founder Mark Bodanza.

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The hall's bylaws only allow 10 living inductees a year, but does not set a limit on posthumous awards.

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LEOMINSTER The Leominster Football Hall of Fame Wednesday announced this year's list of 19 inductees, including the undefeated 1974 LHS team, and unveiled a new trophy to be given with the Lou Little Award.

Inductees range from Guy Barassi in the class of 1948 to John Hulecki in the class of 1968.

Posthumous inductees include David Salvatore, Ralph Wallace, Donald Bracani, Brian Langen and Domenic Angelini.

Last year's winner of the inaugural award, Kevin O'Connor, received a plaque but will now get a copy of the statue.

His 1934 Columbia team upset the heavily favored Stanford University 7 0 in the 1934 Rose Bowl.

"Most of the odds makers had Columbia getting beat by four Burberry Duffle Bag Replica

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