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The change doesn't mean The Children's Home will become a big health center, she said. Rather, the nonprofit is likely to partner with local pediatric practices or other health care providers to coordinate care and figure out which approaches work best, she said.

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United Way of Greater Cincinnati. For nearly eight years there, she oversaw the United Way's investment of more than $38 million each year in health and human services programs. Earlier in her career, Terry worked in Michigan in the fields of mental health and public health.

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The nonprofit aims to become a catalyst for sweeping changes that would result in children's physical health problems and behavioral health problems being treated Burberry Bag Strap

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Prada Glasses For Mens

The Children's Home formally announced its big change Friday, the same day Terry starts her new job.

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The Children's Home, which employs 275 and has an annual budget of $22 million, doesn't yet know exactly how the change will take shape. But the nonprofit has hired Barbara Terry to lead the new initiative as vice president of health care integration, a new position at the home, which provides treatment and education programs for local children with behavioral and mental health problems. The Children's Home of Cincinnati hasn't had a residential component since 1998.

"Why don't we do more of that?" Westheimer said. "I Prada Glasses For Mens think they're on the right track."

Terry is best known locally for her work at Burberry Purse Cheap

Home of Cincinnati aims to weave together physical

The approach makes complete sense to Sallie Westheimer, CEO of 4C for Children, which advocates for quality early childhood education and care across the Tri State.

And she hopes that by this time next year, there will be tangible changes that clients can see.

'The Logical Way to Go'

CINCINNATI The Children's Home of Cincinnati wants to do something that makes so much sense, it's revolutionary.

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"Health does not exist in silos and shouldn't be treated in silos," Katz said. "But typically when kids have mental health issues, whether it's ADHD, depression or bipolar disorder, that becomes children's health exclusively. It's almost like kids are missing out on other forms of health care."

"I'd really like to see the possible co location of physical health care on our campus," Katz said. "A year from now, things could look really different. And maybe it will be quicker."

at the same time.

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Under such a system, a health professional treating a child for depression, for example, would also take note if the child has untreated asthma or is obese, said Children's Home CEO Ellen Katz.

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"Half of our health care dollars are spent on half the population. Many of those people have chronic health conditions, and many struggle with mental health," Terry said. "It just sort of says to me, this is the logical way to go."

see our pediatricians evaluating kids more holistically," Katz said. "Our pediatricians insist on seeing the parents and families, too."

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But Katz said her organization already knows a more integrated model delivers better results for children. That's because The Children's Home has six pediatricians specially trained to treat behavioral health problems that visit 12 local schools and help kids there, she said.

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While there's a lot of work to do to figure out exactly how the initiative will work, Katz is confident The Children's Home can be a leader regionally and beyond.

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