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With that being said, let us delve into what goes into building a balanced gaming pc.

While looking for a motherboard, you should consider the number of memory (RAM) slots, the slots available for installing graphic cards, its overclocking potential (overclocking means forcing the CPU to run at a higher speed, Burberry Embossed Handbag

system. Processors have something called 'core count', which is actually, the number of processing dies on a single chip, which can handle data processing.

Prada Bags For Men

Prada Bags For Men

In fact, these manufacturers account for the bulk of the sales of motherboards overseas, as opposed to India, where Intel still rules the roost.

As a rough thumb rule, more the number of cores, the faster it is. Thus for a given manufacturer, say AMD, in the order of performance: dual cores

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For the latest as well as any upcoming games, you should aim for at least a dual core with a speed greater than about 2.5 GHz.

Prada Bags For Men

Get Ahead reader Sampanna Kolhatkar contributed this article on building low cost PCs in response to our reader invite (below). 20 year old Sampanna, a Puneite, is studying Printing Engineering from PVG's College of Engineering.

Prada Bags For Men

More commonly known as RAM. It is actually a flat, thin rectangular slab, which usually comes Burberry Purse Strap

Since the latest games themselves are usually resource intensive (require a good CPU, memory graphic card/s), building a PC which can run those smoothly means you also have one which can easily handle any apps you throw at them, like Photoshop, Premier Pro, 3dMax, etc. Of course, most folks just need a PC for the Internet MS Office, but hey, even those can benefit from buying a low cost gaming PC, which will be atleast a few years future proof.

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Remember, this is valid only if you stick to one manufacturer. For example, Intel has some quad core models, which perform better than the hexacore AMDs. Intel also tends to offer more performance per core than AMD, but AMD offers better value.

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Besides Intel, the other well known motherboard manufacturers are ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA.

How to build low

Basically, it is a circuit board, which houses the components like CPU, RAM, etc also enables communication between them through data pathways. I could write an entire thesis about motherboards, but that would be beyond the scope of this article.

for performance gains).

Prada Bags For Men

Prada Bags For Men

Most of the processors today are at least dual cores (with the exception of AMD's Sempron or Intel's Atom).

Gaming PCs, as the name suggests, are computers built with the main intent of playing the latest PC games. While this is a popular concept in the west, in India, it is yet to Prada Bags For Men reach its maximum potential. It could be due to the components being more expensive in India, as also due to the fact that the gaming culture is not very advanced (For example: the last edition of Call of Duty franchise Modern Warfare II, sold millions of copies in the United States alone, while in India it garnered barely a few thousand).

This is sad because there is a lot of potential in them. Other than playing the latest iterations of the games, these can also serve as an excellent benchmark for running applications.

Motherboards have something called as 'chipsets', which govern compatibility with processors memory.

Prada Bags For Men

Also called the CPU, it is the 'brains' of the entire Burberry Phone Case Galaxy S3

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in sizes of 1 GB, 2 GB 4 GB.

Obviously, triple or quad cores are more preferable.

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