Prada Bag Limited Edition

Prada Bag Limited Edition

A report recommending a Your Own Cell policy will be on Monday executive committee agenda.

still provide [phones] for those people who don opt into the program, if passed, Barnes said.

Prada Bag Limited Edition

Prada Bag Limited Edition

Prada Bag Limited Edition

of the device, the devices are really Burberry Supernova Crossbody

The report also mentions that the city is moving away from the Blackberry enterprise platform to another, open platform. Barnes wrote that this will allow the city information technology (IT) staff to remotely connect or disconnect any smartphone to or from its network.

Say goodbye to company Blackberrys

Employees of the City of Prince Albert could soon be allowed to use their own personal cell phones for work purposes.

A number of city employees carry work and personal cell phones, so administration saw this as an opportunity to bring forward the Burberry Bag Tote

His report recommends that council approves the policy proposal with the $20/$40 reimbursement amounts, and allow city employees to use their own phones for city business. Participation in the Bring Your Own Cell program would be voluntary, and it would require the approval of the employees managers.

Prada Bag Limited Edition

Prada Bag Limited Edition

With the program, the city would no longer choose the kind of device the worker has for work purposes. Right now, the standard smartphone is a Blackberry. If the policy is approved and implemented, there will be an approved standard, but employees could use an Apple, Android or Blackberry powered phone.

However, the city and its IT staff won have any access to information stored on personal devices.

policy proposal. Currently, the city pays $40 for each city issued cell phone, and $80 for each city issued smartphone. There are a total of 49 smartphones and 45 cell phones that have been issued by the city to its employees.

Prada Bag Limited Edition

Prada Bag Limited Edition

Prada Bag Limited Edition

Prada Bag Limited Edition

used for just emailing, calendars and phoning, Barnes said. security wise, we remotely can shut that off, city email and city calendar, and within minutes, it disappear on your cell phone.

can share costs and convenience, he said. think it kind of started from the groundswell of a few people saying you know, can I use my personal phone for city business? And would you reimburse me? And they said well, let create a policy [that completely voluntary, if you want to join the policy, and we reimburse you for part of your cell phone bill. And yes you only have to carry one phone. evening meeting will mark the first time that city councillors will see the Burberry Nova Check Travel Bag

Barnes report said that in consultation with the Canada Revenue Agency, a monthly reimbursement of $20 for cell phones and $40 for smartphones would be in line with a non taxable benefit. He suggested that if all employees with city issued devices were to opt into such Prada Bag Limited Edition a plan, the city could save $34,320 per year.

recommendation to council to allow personal devices to be used for work, the manager of information technology Neil Barnes said on Friday.

And even there, employees will be allowed to choose their city owned devices they will no longer be bound to owning a city issued Blackberry. let them choose the device they most comfortable with, he added.

A quick crunch of the numbers shows that the city currently pays an average of $1,800 for cell phones and $3,920 for smartphones per month. Annually, cell phones are costing $21,600 and smartphones would cost $47,040, for a total of $68,640 for both, for the entire year.

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