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3. Don let anyone come in between you and your marriage.

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

Charles (to our youngest): "Son, don move your arms today."

I rather eat gravel. Listen, I not saying hanging out with my husband isn fun, but his interests are not my interests. He likes to watch Sci Fi shows and I appreciate tangible plot points. I like to try on pretty clothes and he likes to leave them in one huge pile on the side of the bed. He likes to take long, arduous walks off the beaten path, through dense shrubbery, along sheer cliffs, and through mountain lion territory, because hey, he got a cell phone and a four inch Swiss Army knife. Whereas, I like to keep the skin on my legs intact, not fall to my death, and not get mauled by one of God glorious creatures.

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

just so they can beat the other out. "You going to Prada Envelope Wallet Review pay because I mad at you, oh, but I sorry, but you still going to pay!"

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

´╗┐Marriage cliches that don't always work

See, my man likes to rile me up moments before I go to bed, and I likewise. Why? I have no idea. I just know that sometimes it the only alone moments we have after a long day of work and kids, and what better way to spend that quality time together than by finally getting off your chest what been bugging you since dawn?

A solid piece of marriage advice I cling to is from one of my favorite movies: "When you love them, they drive you crazy because they know they can." Moonstruck.

so forth. Sometimes you going to have to eat it, and sometimes it be spectacular to see your spouse eat it, and that love, folks. Bead on a wire, abacus apologizing love.

If I listened to this one, who would take care of the kids? They not exactly self sufficient at this point in time. Last time I let them fend for themselves, they cried in a corner, begging for release from their certain doom of starvation because it had been more than 35 minutes Burberry Backpack Images

Me: "He have to move his arms at some point during the day, so just change his shirt."

Charles: "No, only if he moves his arms."

Me: "That shirt is too small for him. I can see his belly button."

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

since I last fed them. The little guys even invade our bed and tell us it gross that we kiss. How does one give in to such a trite piece of advice not to let anyone come between you and your marriage, when those little usurpers have not only conquered our territory, they assimilated us into their lifestyle! For Pete sake, I listen to SpongeBob songs on my way to work and drink out of an Iron Man cup.

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

You want to know what causes more resentment? That for the sake of equal distribution, you ask your spouse to do something you know he or she is going to screw up, and then he or she actually screws it up. Just like you know they would. Not only do you resent them for doing what you saw coming, you resent yourself for allowing it all the same. For example, I take the lion share of the child rearing responsibilities because Charles still forgets how to dress them appropriately.

I once heard a woman on the radio say that the secret to her happy marriage of 32 years was that she never went to bed angry.

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

I think marital apologies should be like keeping a tally on an abacus. One for me, one for you, and so on and Burberry Backpack Harrods

No! Nuh uh! Because most people assume that if you do it first, you the better or bigger person, and it a race to see who can do it first. Then, everyone apologizing when they still filled with rage Burberry Camo Backpack

Charles (to me): "There. Problem solved."

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

5. Divide chores equally to prevent resentment.

Prada Envelope Wallet Review

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