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Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

He said the study confirms a failure by both the state and federal governments, and the chemical manufacturing industry, to adequately study the use of these industrial chemicals.

"The big question is do we want to make the mistakes that we've already made. What can we learn from those mistakes to make safer chemicals?" Tickner said. "We are ready in this state to make the alternatives. It just needs a government and industrial commitment to do it."

Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

Joel Tickner, an assistant professor at the UMass Lowell School of Health and the Environment, said that while the Environmental Working Burberry Crossbody Bag Navy

The chemical analysis found polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, which were used as lubricants and industrial insulators until they were banned by congressional legislation in 1976. Environmental Protection Agency to be a "probable human carcinogen."

"These are not naturally occurring chemicals," said Dr. Sean Palfrey, past president of the Massachusetts chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. "These substances are obviously in the parents' blood and bodies for some reason. The body doesn't know how to deal with these substances and can't secrete them."

Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

The Massachusetts House and Senate yesterday both voted to restore $250,000 to the state budget for fiscal 2006 for the Toxics Use Reduction Institute at UMass Lowell, money that had been cut by Gov. Mitt Romney. Tickner Burberry Tote Plaid

Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

Palfrey said that while previous studies have found chemical exposure in newborns, none had searched for the number of chemicals included in the Environmental Working Group study.

eating organic foods but added that parents can do little about industrial chemical pollutants.

Tickner said that parents can take steps to prevent harm to their newborns such as Burberry Handbags Ebay Uk

Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

The Environmental Working Group said it obtained the umbilical cord blood samples from the American Red Cross, and that the analysis was done by two Canadian research labs.

Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

The Environmental Working Group study found traces of a total of 287 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of the 10 newborns, including some chemicals that have been banned for decades in the United States. Each newborn had an average of 200 of the chemicals present, according to the study.

Scientists until recently believed that fetuses were protected in the womb from toxic chemicals by the placenta, the organ that receives nutrients from the mother's blood and filters out waste.

said the money would pay for research into safer alternatives to toxic substances.

Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

´╗┐Scientists call for more research on the effects of toxic chemicals

The study also found mercury, which comes from emissions from coal fired power plants, and can harm brain function. Some of the blood samples also contained DDT, a pesticide banned by the federal government in 1972 after it was found to cause unacceptable risks to human health.

Group used a small sample size to study, the number was still "scientifically relevant."

BOSTON A group of scientists and medical experts last week called for broader research on the effects of toxic chemicals on newborn babies, in Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye the wake of a national study that found dozens of possibly harmful chemicals in human umbilical cord blood.

Unborn babies are potentially being exposed to dozens of harmful pollutants such as fire retardants, methylmercury and pesticides, which may cause abnormal development or increased cancer risks, environmental advocates warned.

Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

Prada Sunglasses Cat Eye

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