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"His specialty was sausage and peppers and onions," said his daughter, Ramona Dromgold, of Longmeadow, Mass. "He also made a mean spaghetti sauce."

"He grew up playing sandlot football on the cinder fields of the North Side; he loved football," said a nephew, David Morehouse, president of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Navy in the South Pacific during World War II. He was trained as a cook, an avocation that he enjoyed throughout his life, and served tours of duty in the galleys of a minesweeper and a landing ship, tank. His love of cooking and baking found outlets in generations of family and political feasts.

Pink Prada Handbag

Pink Prada Handbag

Pink Prada Handbag

a couple of days in advance. . He also liked to bake cookies," said Mr. Morehouse. "They used to hold them in this huge building that looked like an old airplane hangar."

Pink Prada Handbag

In addition to his daughter, Mr. Tiglio is survived by a son, Salvatore "Sam" Tiglio, of Green Tree; two sisters, Rose Bertone and Mary Carlise; four grandchildren; and two great grandchildren.

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born on the North Side to Sicilian immigrants who had both come to the United States as orphans.

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Salvatore P. "Sam" Tiglio, who rose from immigrant roots on the North Side to lead the city's Democratic Party, died Friday after a months long battle with liver and kidney disease.

"He was the reason I developed an interest in politics," he said. "He helped me in my career path just as he helped so many others in my family."

In an era when patronage was a more dominant force in urban politics, Mr. Tiglio moved through a series of senior positions with the public works departments of Allegheny County and the city of Pittsburgh as well as the city controller's office. The youngest of seven children, he was Burberry Small Zip Around Wallet

He was the city of Pittsburgh chairman, a post determined by the votes of the officers of each of the city's 32 wards, from 1990 until 2002.

After returning from the Pacific, Mr. Tiglio married Anna King Tiglio. They were wed for 55 years until her death in 2004. Mr. Tiglio was also a former president of Morning Star Lodge 38 of the Italian Sons and Daughters of America. Burberry Leather Crossbody Briefcase

"He has a certain charisma in a quiet way," said Allegheny County Common Pleas Court Judge Thomas Flaherty, who succeeded him at the helm of the city Democrats. "He always kept the 20th Ward unified; he kept it a force. He was a strong city chair and he was well liked. I don't think he ever had any opposition."

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"He was a very influential chairman for many years," former Mayor Sophie Masloff recalled of his tenure as a ward chairman for more than two decades and as the head of the Democratic city committee from 1990 until his retirement in 2002.

His political base was the 20th Ward, one of the city's largest and most influential, which covers neighborhoods surrounding the West End. There he hosted semi annual political rallies that became fixtures on the pre election calendars of politicians at every level.

Longtime Democratic Party leader in Pittsburgh

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"He would start cooking spaghetti sauce Burberry Crossbody Amazon

Pink Prada Handbag

Pink Prada Handbag

"He used to have these huge rallies," Mr. Flaherty said. "I remember in 1992, he had Hillary Clinton there; she was just mobbed."

The Democratic committee members of the 20th Ward elected and re elected him as their chairman from 1978 until 2002.

Mr. Morehouse said that it was his Uncle Sam who set him on the road that would Pink Prada Handbag lead through the Clinton White House, and, after stops across the world, back to his hometown and the Penguins.

Pink Prada Handbag

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