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Riders need to keep emotions in check during West Final

In the CFL sometimes penalties will be called when they shouldn be. Anderson said that all they can do at that point is line back up and worry about the next play.

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Like a heated battle between rivals in hockey it will be important that the Riders keep that emotion and hate between the whistles as they simply can afford to take dumb penalties especially those that are completely avoidable, like objectionable conduct and unnecessary roughness calls after the play.

Head coach Corey Chamblin was asked about the emotions of this game on Tuesday and he suggested that his team should play with some. But he insists they need to walk a fine line and make sure that they use that emotion to finish plays.

Despite the hate between both teams it also possible to respect each other too.

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time you have two physical run teams that going to make things even more intense," he said. "When you have a bunch of passing teams you don have that smashing heads on every play."

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"If you look back at all our games penalties hurt us," said defensive back Dwight Anderson. "Giving them field position and putting them in a position to score."

Foley hasn even been in Riderville for a full season but his feelings on the Stamps stem from last year Grey Cup when he was still a Toronto Argonaut. He said Burberry Travel Backpack

"Any Card Holder Burberry

it just too hard not to get swept up into what goes on between these teams. Foley even feels it even stronger than any rivalry he had during his time in the east.

"I think I had a concussion that game," joked Anderson.

"For me, you just have to realize how much is on the line," said Foley. "Definitely shouldn be taking no 15 yard penalties."

Not surprisingly after that Anderson suggested they just have to stick to the game plan in order to keep the referee flags in their pockets and not on the field. Surprisingly Anderson did suggest that they also don need to worry about all of the trash talking that will likely be happening on the field during the game between the heated rivals. is a part of that," said the notorious trash talker. "I actually jumping on board with that."

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keep that a surprise."

This is the same Anderson who made some interesting comments to the Calgary media after the Riders lost to the Stampeders in Calgary in a game that gave the Stampeders home field advantage in this game.

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Anderson, however, doesn seem to remember much about that post game interview.

There still no update on the health of defensive lineman Tearrius George.

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All of this is easier said than done; emotions do boil over on the field from time to time and sometimes players do make dumb decisions on the field, especially in big rivalry games like this.

Khari Jones name has come up as the next head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Jones said today his focus is on the playoffs right now and he only takes things one year at a time anyway. He also hasn been notified of any interest by the Bombers.

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Seriously, Anderson isn going to be saying much on Sunday?

"That would be shocking wouldn it?" said Anderson with a smirk. "Going to have to Burberry Wallet Sale

"I think you can hate somebody and respect them," said Foley. "I Prada Robot Backpack hate their guts, but I respect them. They won the west last season; they won it this regular season."

Chamblin did confirm that Getzlaf practiced on Wednesday but didn give any other details.

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