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Prada Etiquette Bag Price

There are a limited number of "insider" positions that do not require applicants to have a car in Boulder, Wyatt said, making the competition tighter for those jobs.

"They have to have a car," Wyatt said. "Most students don't."

Courtney Popelka, a student at the University of Colorado delivers food during the lunch rush at the Sink on University Hill in Boulder on Monday afternoon July 16, 2012. Popelka works 30 hours a week at the restaurant while taking on a full school workload of classes. Seated at the table from left to right are Ruby Sullan, Rebecca Montange, Allison Prada Etiquette Bag Price Curnside and Erik Yusko.

Prada Etiquette Bag Price

Like many businesses on the Hill, the majority of The Sink's employees are CU students or alumni.

Prada Etiquette Bag Price

Anthony Wyatt, general manager at Papa Romano's Pizza on the Hill, said he's hoping to hire several delivery people over the next few weeks, but there's one requirement that might make it difficult for some students to apply.

Hiring on Boulder's UniHill spurs competition for candidates

Prada Etiquette Bag Price

"Ninety percent of what we're looking for is attitude, presence and overall willingness to learn," Ramos said. "The other 10 percent is experience."

"It's tough and competitive looking for full time jobs across the country," Conway said. "Part time jobs depend Burberry Foldover Crossbody Bag

Prada Etiquette Bag Price

Boulder's unemployment rate for June 2012 was consistent with last year's rate of 6.3 percent, according to a report from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. The unemployment rate jumped from 5.6 percent in May, the report showed, and spokesman Bill Thoennes said job prospects are not likely to improve with students returning from summer break.

Prada Etiquette Bag Price

"Unemployment rates are much higher for young people," Thoennes said. Labor Department chief of staff and president of Generation Burberry Blue Label Backpack Price

Opportunity a non profit organization that educates young Americans about economic challenges said the job outlook this fall for the Millennial generation is bleak.

Ramos said many applicants need some service experience, but with hundreds of applicants applying for less than 10 open positions, students need to set themselves apart.

Ramos said The Sink is expecting to hire a few more people this fall than normal, since President Barack Obama's visit in April has boosted business.

National unemployment for Millennials, or those 18 to 29, was 12.7 percent in July as compared to 8.3 percent across all ages, Conway said.

Whether students are looking for full time or part time work this fall, Thoennes said their lack of experience and knowledge about how to market themselves is a detriment to students in a competitive market.

This fall, Wyatt said Romano's will be looking to hire about the same number of employees as they typically do, though he wasn't sure exactly how many people that would be.

Prada Etiquette Bag Price

Prada Etiquette Bag Price

Courtney Popelka, left, and Kelly Hughes both students at the University of Colorado Burberry Peyton Crossbody Black

Prada Etiquette Bag Price

more on the region and Colorado is going to be the same, or worse, this year than last."

Despite the "now hiring" signs hanging in windows on the Hill this week, local and national statistics suggest Odom's experience will not be typical for students just starting their job hunt.

deliver orders during the lunch rush at the Sink on University Hill in Boulder on Monday afternoon July 16, 2012. Both students work 30 plus hours a week while taking a full load of classes. "It was a lot easier this year to find a job than it was last year."

Prada Etiquette Bag Price

Prada Etiquette Bag Price

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