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Tests in Prince Albert Victoria Hospital didn provide a diagnosis, which led the family to the Stollery Children Hospital in Edmonton.

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While Keaton parents have been with him, their daughter has been in Prince Albert with her grandmother.

Throughout the whole journey, Dana and Janelle were diligent with updating what Keaton was going through on his Facebook page. They started on Aug. 8 and have been going strong with status updates.

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Later on his belly started to swell and in the summer of 2013, Keaton became very puffy. His body was accumulating fluid beneath the skin, which is called edema.

had a failure to really flourish. Like, he didn grow at the same rate as a lot of other kids. And just little wee things that you kind of notice when your kid is growing up, a little bit of lagging on one side of the body when he learning how to crawl and walk, Dana said.

Dana Dirks, wife Janelle, daughter Aliyah, and son Keaton discovered in August that Keaton needed a heart transplant, and earlier this year, Dana found out he also needed serious heart surgery.

Rare heart scares for PA father and son sparks

Staying in hotels took a toll on their banks accounts. On top of that, Janelle, Dana wife, had to leave her job.

Gene Sports has been selling support bands for $5 that read since August.

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The money raised goes towards the family, and is only one of many efforts to help them out financially.

That where, four years after Keaton was born, the picture became clearer.

The social media interactions haven been a one way street. Outpourings of support on both the good days and the bad have been constant.

kind of always knew something was wrong with Keaton, but we didn know exactly what, Dana said.

The family spent more than three weeks in Edmonton with daily testing to ensure that Keaton body did require and would be able to support a new organ.

Dana voice caught as Burberry Phone Case Galaxy S4

When it came to physical milestones, Keaton always seemed a little behind other kids.

Community support helps family

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he explained Prada Sunglasses New Collection 2017 all those years of symptoms Burberry Iphone 6 Case Price

However, the family journey started over four years ago when Keaton was born.

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Prada Sunglasses New Collection 2017

Prada Sunglasses New Collection 2017

had absolutely amazing support, not just from family and friends. Some people in cases that we never even met. They had a fundraiser dance at the Art Hauser Centre. I think if I remember correctly it was about $35,000 or something like that that was raised, Dana said.

rooms, and food, and parking, and all of those things, it does add up. But you just got to do what you got to do, Dana said.

All the travel and expenses had consequences with the family.

Prada Sunglasses New Collection 2017

Prada Sunglasses New Collection 2017


Tweets like and prayers to you and your family and strength for tonight, prayersforkeaton are common from people in and around Prince Albert.

were at the end of the day from heart failure. acknowledges the condition is extremely rare in children and that what took so long to come to the Burberry Leather Detail Nylon Backpack

As the city with the only transplant facility for children in Western Canada, Edmonton became home for the family for long periods of time.

Keaton had restrictive cardio myopathy with secondary pulmonary hypertension. People are born with this condition, and there is no cure for it.

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Keaton had an enlarged liver, which led doctors in Saskatchewan to believe he had liver disease for more than three years.

Prada Sunglasses New Collection 2017

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