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Prada Sunglasses Men Aviator

is the talk of Twitter this morning. He caught a foul ball at last night's Reds game, and Cards first baseman Matt Adams apparently didn't like it. Adams pushed Smith in the chest, and Smith responded with a single digit .

It's not on any "popular name" list, which some think is good. The year I was born, it was the 891st most popular name registered with the Social Security Administration . It's hovered right around there ever since.

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Problem is I have to spell it more often than I have to rewind Scandal so I Prada Sunglasses Men Aviator can get all of the dialoguethatsdeliveredthisfast.

´╗┐Misspelled names

The quote of the week actually comes in the form of a picture this week. Check out Adam Marshall's reaction to our ride for the Opening Day parade.

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haha I am Johanna. Pronounced joanna. The h is silent! I'm not joHANNA. why"

I'm sure Apple will get right on that.

"My parents went with Jodee. No one spells it correctly. As far as Burberry Heart Tote

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One Kathrine even addressed the issue in her tweet: "my first name is spelled wrong too wanna take that up with my mom?

"Johanna : Burberry Farley Crossbody

Prada Sunglasses Men Aviator

And now for a sampling of the misspelled name mayhem, courtesy of Twitter:

Turns out though, I'm not alone. There are almost 200 Kathrines on twitter. Now most are either Scandinavian or Beliebers or both but it counts. Makes me feel like I'm not alone in my "middle e" free existence.

Kathrine Nero. That's my name, and both of them, apparently, are weird.

Kathrine is not the preferred spelling of the name. Not even close. In fact, on most of those baby name websites, Kathrine isn't even listed as an option, There's Catherine, Katherine, Katharine, Kathryn, Katheryn and other variations. But Kathrine?

From Today's GMTS:

"Try Caron, Kenda or Claudia for a day. Mom and Dad had a sense of humor!"

GMTS Quote of the Week:

Prada Sunglasses Men Aviator

Prada Sunglasses Men Aviator

I've scored $40 self tanner for 410, $15 nail polish for $3, $10 bronzer for $1.75, and my new favorite beauty balm off. It's a brilliant move, too, since I'll stop by the store just to see what's on sale. And you never walk away empty handed.

Prada Sunglasses Men Aviator

"Clarrissa has been misspelled since birth. Clarissa Clarrisa Clarisa Claireressa Clareresa just to name a few."

"Kurtis not Curtis. Or Kurt not Curt or Kirk."

Giving a Redbird the Bird: Colerain Twp.'s Chris Smith well, his finger, at least Burberry Bags Zappos

In addition to high end makeup and "fragrances" (fancy for "perfume"), Ulta also sells drugstore makeup and sometimes even that lower priced merchandise finds its way into the discount aisle.

pronunciation? Even my own husband has called me Judy."

But I and the 200 other Kathrines aren't alone in this misspelled name thing. It really hit a nerve with you guys.

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Now we have a 21st century reminder of how badly our names are butchered. When I use my phone's voice command to email, I have to say my name "Kath RYNE" for it to be spelled right. I contend that it's my phone Siri should conform to my misspelling.

Let me tell you about my new happy place: The Ulta clearance aisle. Ulta and Sephora are basically women's versions of Home Depot a place we can go, needing nothing, just to browse. And we'll find a way to spend $50 regardless.

"I have to agree with Sandra there. Julie? Come on now. Someone's just not listening."

Welcome to TMI: Tri State Morning Insight. Rain soaked and soggy, but glad it's just rain, not snow. Looks like spring has sprung a leak.

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Prada Sunglasses Men Aviator

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