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Not many were willing to bet against that.

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"If you miss the fairway, you're not just going to wedge it out. You've got a chance to hit a miraculous shot. And Prada Nylon Backpack then you could really be (in trouble). This is the way it used to be."

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"These are Melbourne fairways," Geoff Ogilvy said as he walked down the first fairway, where the grass was green for the first 200 yards before turning brown, and then going back to greener grass toward the green.

The edges of the bunkers are ragged. The turf is uneven just off some of the greens, with patches of no grass. The tournament starts Thursday. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton) (Chuck Burton/AP)

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"I wouldn't call this an inland links, but it's got that character," he said. "I was a bit nervous when I heard of the redo. Open for two decades. He never imagined the "toughest test in golf" without any rough. Nor does he think that will make it easier.

The restoration project involved removing some 35 acres of sod and keeping only 450 of the 1,150 sprinkler heads. Water use is down an estimated 40 percent.

sends a great message.

yellow and brown.

"This is kind of the way grass is supposed to be. In the summer it browns up, and in the winter it's green. To my eye, this is what golf courses are supposed to look like."

The USGA has been preaching in recent years to get away from the idea that golf courses have to be perfectly manicured to be great.

verdant fairways from tee to green, the fairways are a blend of green, Burberry Iphone Case 5s

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Pinehurst anything but 'pristine' for this US Open

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"I've never played anything like it," Jordan Spieth said. "And it's already right now, with the pins in the middle of the greens hard enough for even par to win. It's going to be extremely challenging. But at the same time, it's a great test."

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Els said the look of Pinehurst No. 2 reminded him of Royal Melbourne, and a guy who actually grew up next to Royal Melbourne agreed.

Ogilvy understand architecture better than most players. He was looking at photos as Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw worked on the restoration. He had heard stories. And it still managed to exceed his expectations. Open without rough? He pointed to clumps of grass in the sandy areas, and some of the wiregrass bushes. And yes, the weeds.

"Look, the reality is there is rough there," he said. Open champions finished over par Webb Simpson at Olympic Club, Justin Rose at Merion, both at 1 over. Open champion over par would be the longest streak in nearly 60 years.

More than a great test, Davis is hopeful it Burberry Handbags Pictures

"You don't need it," he said. "When I played it in '99, I didn't like it. You hit it in the rough, you're just trying to get it out. It was one dimensional. Now, you're going to have an unbelievable championship.

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The tournament starts Thursday. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)Sandy areas have replaced thick rough off the fairways. They are partially covered with that Pinehurst Resort officials refer to as "natural vegetation," but what most anyone else would simply call weeds.

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That was the plan all along. Open in 15 years, the fabled No. 2 course went through a gutsy project to restore it to its natural look from yesteryear, before this notion that the condition of a course had to be perfect. Open champion, was amazed when he walked off the 18th green.

Pinehurst No. 2, and perhaps Chambers Bay next year outside Seattle, allows a chance to show the golfing public what it means.

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