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Fitchburg resident Jillian Lyons, another Leap Year baby, said she's never had any issues relating to her birthday and that her loved ones have always been accommodating Burberry Handbag 2017

Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch

Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch

Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch

This year, Lyons is celebrating her birthday at Disney World in Orlando, Fla., because "that's what a 7 year old would do!" she said.

Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch

Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch

is a Leap Year baby.

Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch

Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch

Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch

For Lyons, gag gifts abound during the years with her actual birthday. Today, Lyons is expecting lots of crowns, wands and anything else princess related, as she officially turns 7.

´╗┐Leominster mom turns

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"Growing up, it was tough," she said. "My brother used to tease me on my non birthday years and tell me, 'You don't have a real birthday this year. You get no cake, no presents, no party.' I would run up to my room and cry."

On her "non birthday" years, she usually celebrates on Feb. 28, which also happens to be her husband, John's, birthday as well.

For Normile Leger, having a unique birthday is fun now, but it wasn't always enjoyable, she said.

Normile Leger is what the Honor Society for Leap Year Babies calls a "strict Februarian," meaning she only celebrates her birthday during February, never in March.

As she became older, however, she realized how special a birthday Feb. 29 is.

For anyone who is wondering how this can be, Normile Leger Burberry Tote Pink

and made sure she has had a great birthday regardless of what day the celebration falls on.

The Honor Society for Leap Year Babies, an online club for those born on Feb. 29, has reported that only one in 1,461 is born on Leap Days.

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"This year, he doesn't have to share it with me," she joked.

To remedy that, all century years except those divisible by 400 are not leap years. For instance, 2000 was a leap year, and the next time a leap year will fall on a century year will not be until 2400. The years 1900, 1800 and 1700 were not leap years.

Normile Leger comes from a family that is used to sharing birthdays with special days her father was born on the Fourth of July, her grandmother on Christmas Day, her sister on Labor Day and her brother on Palm Sunday.

"So it makes sense that I, too, would have a special birthday," she said.

"My family and friends take it to the extreme," Lyons said with a laugh. "I've already received Barbies and little sparkly cards. I think other people enjoy it more than I do."

Aside from the teasing by her brother, the only time the date of her birthday has ever been a problem was when she first got her Burberry Wallet 2017

LEOMINSTER Today, Donna Normile Leger turns 12. She has finally caught up with her daughter, Hannah, also 12, who has been older than her for the last six months.

A little background. The Earth takes about 365.2422 days to make one rotation around the sun, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The accumulation of that extra nearly six hours each year becomes an additional day in February every four years; however, because it is short by about 11 minutes, having that extra day every four years is a "slight over compensation," NIST's website states.

driver's license, and her insurance company's computer system didn't recognize Feb. 29 as a valid birth date and always put it as Feb. 28.

"Most of my friends thought it was really cool," she said. "Some of them have said to me, 'Since you don't have a birthday, why don't you pick any other day of the year?' I tried once before Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch in the summer, but now I celebrate in February."

Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch

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