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The home was donated to Habitat for Humanity by Bank of America, and Golden Empire matched the Claytons to the home. They will pay for the home, Matt Clayton said, but at an "incredibly low price."

What they learned was that people had a hard time seeing the value of what their mission had accomplished or the skills they had acquired in their service.

Matt got a job at a local laboratory and went to Bakersfield College to study clinical lab science while Rachel cared for Silas, Zachary and Chloe.

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"This has been a big year for us," he said.

Others see blessings in the Claytons' new home, too.

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But eventually the young family felt it was time to finish their work and come back to the United States.

in the work the group has been doing with five other foreclosed homes donated by Bank of America helping families into homes in Burberry Clutch Sale

Matt, from Bakersfield, met his Michigan born bride to be as they both began a 41/2 year missionary training program with New Tribes Mission ministry.

The home, on Millbrook south of Harris Road in southwest Bakersfield, is modest.

After two years with Matt's parents the couple set themselves a one year deadline to find a place of their own.

On Sunday, while a team of gray shirted young men from Kern Youth Build and leaders from Habitat for Humanity Golden Empire looked on, Paula Brown from Bank of America handed Matt the keys to the family's new home.

that, on Sunday, were in full bloom.

"We're seeing God working in our lives," Rachel Clayton said.

Their one year deadline would have been up today.

2013 and 2014.

The children were 4, 2 and 1 when they took a small Cessna into a tiny airstrip then rode in a canoe with an outboard motor more than two hours up rivers to reach the Wabaku village where they would live for three years.

But the inside has been carefully restored by Habitat volunteers and the at risk young men from Kern Youth Build.

There are three bedrooms, a small kitchen, a vaulted front room and a compact backyard ringed by mature rose bushes Burberry Tote For Sale

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They married and had three children Silas, 10, Zachary, 8, and daughter Chloe, 7, while they finished their training and gathered the support they needed to send them to Papua New Guinea.

"We see the fingerprint of your work in the house," Clayton told the small crowd gathered for the event. "We're just really, really thankful."

In their early 30s having given more than 12 of their years to their faith they had little more than high school degrees to offer in a developed economy.

"We're really proud of the work we did there," Matt said. "Our faith is actually much stronger than ever."

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They returned to Bakersfield, moved in with Matt's parents and started building a future.

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As time passed and the cost of a home seemed out of reach, they worried Matt might be forced to give up his studies and career goals to work an extra job.

But it is also part of a boom Burberry Abbott Crossbody Bag

Jeff Vontz, president of the board of directors for Habitat of Humanity Golden Empire, said the home is the 58th the group has renovated or built here.

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´╗┐missionaries find blessings at home

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Joe White from Kern Youth Build said the experience has been a gift to the young men ages 17 to 22 who worked on the home acquiring job and leadership skills and came out on Sunday to see it handed over. Prada Sunglasses Men 2017

They learned the native language and strove with the other members of their mission team to share the story of their faith.

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