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Hanneken referred all other comment to Ravenelle.

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According to Fitchburg Police Sgt. Glenn Fossa, the incident occurred Dec. He said the child in question was a 13 year old female student at the school, but he did not know what grade she was in. McKay Arts Academy is a prekindergarten through eighth grade school.

McKay student had 'kill list'

A note about the incident was sent out to parents of students at the school on Tuesday by Principal Daniel Hanneken, who assured that all proper actions were taken immediately to ensure the safety of students and staff.

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Ravenelle said word did not go out to parents until this week because it wasn't until now that the district felt it had enough Prada Nylon Tote information to inform the rest of the school, and hadn't wanted to alarm others who were not involved. He pointed to a similar situation last week in a Shrewsbury middle school, which was handled in a nearly identical manner.

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Fossa said School Resource Officer Michael Chandler has requested a hearing at juvenile court for the student, who may face a charge of threats to do harm to others. He said no charges have officially been placed against the student as of Thursday, and that a hearing will allow other circumstances to be heard before proceeding to a criminal case.

He said he could not comment as to whether the student was suspended, expelled or out of school for any other reason, citing student confidentiality.

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Ravenelle said the school's investigation process included ensuring there was no imminent danger, immediately involving the school resource officer, meeting with the student in question, identifying the students on the list, and meeting with those students and their parents.

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Prada Nylon Tote

"She is not in school right now and has not been attending school since that incident," Ravenelle said of the student.

support service, and determining accountability through a thorough investigation, I believe it is now timely to inform the whole school community."

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FITCHBURG A student at McKay Arts Academy was found to have created a list of students labeled as a "Kill List" in December, but did not pose a safety threat, according to police and school officials.

"Under these circumstances, we do not traditionally send out whole school communications but rather communicate directly with those immediately affected," Hanneken wrote in his letter to parents. "After addressing issues of safety, providing Burberry Bag Original Price

added later."

He said the list contained the names of between eight and 12 students at the school, and was likely brought to the attention of school officials through hearsay from other students who knew of the list.

on to say that proper procedures were used to maintain the school's obligation to student rights and confidentiality, assured that McKay Arts Academy "is a safe and secure learning environment," and invited parents to contact him directly.

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Prada Nylon Tote

"Your child's safety is my first priority," Hanneken wrote.

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"The school administration took steps to work with all those involved in consultation with the School Resource Officer, counselors and outside agencies as needed," Hanneken wrote.

"There were no weapons involved or anything like that," Superintendent of Schools Andre Ravenelle said Thursday. "And, according to our investigation, the list had existed as a list of kids in the beginning, and the headline 'Kill List' was only Burberry Navy Purse

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