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PJ Prada Bags 2017 Collection Mercier and his father in law, Bob Johnson, have been brewing beer together at their new brewery for just a short time, but their dream of developing a local craft beer has been in the works Burberry London Iphone Case

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

For now, Navigation is a part time company for Mercier, a full time land surveyor and part time real estate agent, and Johnson, a railroad purchasing and sales manager. But they're hoping the business will grow.

In beer making, there's a lot of down time, too, so Mercier's young children Johnson's grandkids come in with hockey and lacrosse sticks to play inside the 1,200 square foot warehouse.

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

Mercier said he is on a mission to offer a unique Lowell beer that locals can proudly claim as their own.

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

Sun staff photos can be ordered by visiting our Smugmug site.

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

, every Saturday, hauling in fresh grain picked up from western Massachusetts on a weekly basis. For the rest of the day, they mash, strain, boil, brighten and spice to create their signature product.

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

Johnson went on to win the 1998 gold medal in the American Home Brewers Association's annual National Homebrew Competition. This past winter, Johnson and Mercier, who plays the role of laborer to Johnson's master chef, took first and second place at Lowell's Winterfest, beating out local favorites, including beers from Sam Adams and Harpoon.

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

"We really want to be able to offer some more local flavor from Lowell . and we figured beer is a great way to do that," he said.

nearly 13 hours straight.

Navigation took over their current space in the fall from Ben Howe's Enlightenment Ales brewery, which has since closed.

Navigation currently offers four beers a pale ale, an India pale ale (or IPA), a double IPA and a stout for about $8 to $12 per 22 ounce bottle, depending on the type. The company has plans to offer growlers small kegs and seasonal varieties soon, too.

Saturdays are when the duo an entrepreneur and celebrated home brewer open their shop on Meadowcroft Street and settle in for a long day of creation, for Burberry Backpack For Sale

family's endeavor to come together.

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

Mercier said the pair had yet to find a location for their brewing in February 2013, but Johnson had been developing beer out of his home since the early 1990s.

Mayor Rodney Elliott will attend a grand opening for the company Thursday. He said he's excited for the possibility of a well known original beer being brewed in the city.

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

"I think having a Lowell beer would once again put Lowell on the map, and it's another opportunity for us to showcase this city," Elliott said. "I've been seeing a lot of microbreweries and . Slattery is a UMass Lowell graduate from Chelmsford who started pulling permits together for Do Can in 2011.

Mercier, 37, of Dracut, and Johnson, 60, of Tewksbury, moved in last November, and with a grand opening this week, they're hoping to stick around for a while.

for years.

Lowell brewery navigating a new course

Navigation is a small operation for now, brewing about 60 gallons per batch. It took about two years for the Burberry Marden Backpack

"My wife created a monster," Johnson said with a laugh.

LOWELL At the Navigation Brewing Company, the two person operation spends all week preparing for "brew days" on the weekend.

"People can look at Navigation winning awards and Do Can making all these great beers, and Lowell can be standing by them proudly," Slattery said. "People say, 'I never thought of going into Lowell for (local beer).' But I think that we will draw interest based on our example."

Prada Bags 2017 Collection

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