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The former Boulder youth hockey coach who admitted to sending thousands of sexual texts and Facebook messages to children younger than 15 was stabbed twice in the back Monday by a masked assailant outside his Boulder County home, sheriff's officials said.

He is required to register as a sex offender for 10 years beyond when his probation is completed.

Boulder County sheriff's deputies led a search across the neighborhoods surrounding Snowpeak Lane, off Baseline Road west of Lafayette, but were unable to locate the black clad suspect, who fled on foot.

The Boulder County District Attorney's Office Burberry Orchard Tote

Boulder County records show the house is owned by Michael Meints and Marcia Siegel, and that address also is listed as Zachary Meints' place of residence on the sex offender database.

a black mask.

said an investigation uncovered extensive sexual communication Meints had over two years with youth members of the Boulder Hockey Club while he was a coach there.

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Investigators located a knife Monday, but Prentup said they're not yet sure whether it was the weapon used in the stabbing. She also confirmed that Meints had been the target of a recent threat, which she declined to discuss. and was headed toward the house at 679 Snowpeak Lane where he lives with his parents when someone stabbed him in the back.

Boulder County sheriff's spokeswoman Heidi Prentup confirmed that the stabbing victim was Zachary Meints, 26, a registered sex offender who was sentenced to 10 years of intensive sex offender probation in 2012.

Zarchary Meints is seen outside the Boulder County Jail in December 2011. The convicted sex offender was stabbed outside his home on Snowpeak Lane on Monday. (Mark Leffignwell / Daily Camera)

Prentup said Meints survived the stabbing, but she was not aware of his location.

Meints, who was fired from his coaching position with the Rocky Mountain RoughRiders 15 and under hockey team after an investigation was opened in September 2011, pleaded guilty in May 2012 to one count of Internet sexual exploitation. The class four felony carried a presumptive sentence of two to six years in prison.

Meints told sheriff's officials that the suspect was a male wearing a black Prada Luggage hoodie and Burberry Purse Outlet

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search under way for masked assailant

Sheriff's officials have not said whether they believe the stabbing is related to Meints' Internet sexual exploitation conviction.

officials said Meints was transported to Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, although when contacted later in the day, hospital officials said he was not listed as a patient.

"(Your players) see you at the rink and you're friendly, you're their coach they look up to you, and then at night they're getting these very graphic Facebook messages about sexual conduct," Mallard said. "You just mixed a lot of good and bad things for them."

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Four parents of Meints' victims spoke at his sentencing hearing, focusing on how the former coach violated their trust and the trust of their children, an aspect of the case Mallard referred to when handing down her sentence.

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"He said that when he got home, somebody came up behind him and stabbed him in the back," Prentup said.

Deputies with search dogs combed the area after Meints said the suspect ran from the scene on foot. Prentup said the suspect in Monday's stabbing did not enter the house.

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