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"I know he had it all figured out about hitting a lick. The guy owed him money anyway, so it was personal. He told me to come with him to watch his back or whatever," Mr. Rivera said in the 26 minute recording. "It was more like peer pressure to me, and I could have used a few bucks." Mr. Rivera told Detective Matthews that he and the other man met at a bar near the house, walked around the block three times to see what would be the best point of entry and then approached through the back door.

The other man ran first, and Mr. Rivera said after a short hesitation, he fled, too. He told Detective Matthews he ran to his brother's house, and was then taken to the home of another woman where he called his girlfriend to try to arrange a ride for him.

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

According to his statement, Mr. Rivera got a stocking cap from the other person, but he did not have a gun for him. Mr. Rivera said the other man had a silver revolver.

"Yes, I was gonna come down and give the information . that I got. That I was in there and I was going to tell you what happened, but I always felt like Burberry Drifter Backpack

He said he contemplated turning himself in.

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

When the two suspects heard police at the door, Mr. Rivera told investigators that it was his partner who first said he did not want to go back to jail.

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

Mr. Rivera said Burberry Purse Saks

Emilio Rivera, 27, of McKees Rocks, is charged along with Marcus Andrejco, 19, of Rankin in the April 4, 2011, incident on Miller Avenue in Clairton in which Officer James Kuzak was shot and paralyzed.

The victims testified that each of the two men had weapons Burberry Phone Case Iphone 5c

He was arrested on Oct. 26 some six months after the incident.

In the months after the robbery, Mr. Rivera told a police confidential informant that he did not know Mr. Andrejco.

A man accused of participating in a home invasion in which a Clairton police officer was shot last year told investigators that he only went along with the crime as a "lookout" because he had no gun.

"He opened up the door. I guess there was an officer out there," Mr. Rivera said. "He slammed it real quick. . He didn't even look. He just opened up the door and was squeezing, shooting."

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

In his taped confession, Mr. Rivera said it was the person he was with who he never identified who had the idea about robbing the home of a drug dealer on Miller Avenue.

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

On Monday, Allegheny County homicide Detective Gregory Matthews told the jury that Mr. Rivera denied his involvement in the crime for about two hours before finally confessing.

Near the end of the recording, Mr. Rivera said, "This is exactly what happened. I've been wanting to say something. It's not like I didn't tell people."

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

Kuzak trial jury hears confession

Mr. Rivera's confession matches much of the evidence presented at trial so far, including the description by the victims of the attackers' movements throughout the house that night.

one a revolver and the other a semi automatic handgun.

I got a 5 month old son. I got a basically a newborn. I got a [girlfriend]," Mr. Prada Bag With Gold Chain Rivera said. "I'm not trying to go to jail, so I was going to just actually let it brush over until today. But eventually I felt like I definitely would of said something anyway 'cause my girlfriend knows, my mother knows."

he never got any money or drugs from the robbery and never saw the other man again.

Prada Bag With Gold Chain

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