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"No responsible opposition can let a scheme like this get through the Senate without much greater scrutiny," he said.

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The Government wants its legislation passed today and has flagged an all night sitting of the Senate. The Australian Greens are opposed to extended hours and will seek to have the upper house adjourn at 10pm.

Frontbencher Peter Dutton is set to run as Mr Hockey's deputy.

"That's led us to this sorry impasse.''

Frontbencher Tony Abbott, who has said he will challenge Mr Turnbull tomorrow, but would stand aside for Mr Hockey, emerged Prada Cahier Astrology Bag Dupe from the office of Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop, saying his position had not changed.

"This whole situation . has arisen as a result of a policy issue, not a leadership issue,'' Senator Eric Abetz said.

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"I'm certainly not over confident," Mr Abbott said this morning. "I'm still talking patiently and carefully to all of my colleagues."

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Mr Turnbull has virtually lost all of his support, but up until now has insisted he will contest the ballot that would follow a "spill" motion.

"On Tuesday we will have a new leader of the party."

Mr Hockey has been under immense pressure from all sides of the Liberal Party to put himself up as the consensus candidate to stem bleeding over the emissions trading scheme and the leadership.

He and fellow Nationals said they would look forward to working with Mr Hockey should he take over the top job, describing him as a good bloke.

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Senator Minchin said it was disappointing that Mr Turnbull had rejected the will of the party room.

"It's a secret ballot and anything I might have to say about who would be the best leader I'll say in private to my colleagues,'' Senator Abetz said.

Hockey goes into meeting with Turnbull

Mr Hockey would be elected overwhelmingly if Mr Turnbull ran.

at 9am tomorrow to consider a leadership spill.

Nationals senator John Williams said it was obvious Mr Turnbull had gone Burberry Backpack Harrods

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''(Malcolm Turnbull) is my elected leader and he deserves my respect in that capacity,'' Senator Abetz said.

Liberal MPs and senators will meet Burberry Bags On Sale Uk

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Prada Cahier Astrology Bag Dupe

Senator Abetz was keeping his support for a new leader close to his chest, as was Senator Minchin.

the qualities of leadership that we're looking for," he told ABC Television, adding his colleagues had moved on from Mr Turnbull.

Liberal senator Mitch Fifield, who resigned as a shadow parliamentary secretary last week to oppose the scheme, said a consensus is emerging inside the party that Joe Hockey was the best person to lead the opposition.

He declined to return fire following Mr Turnbull's accusation yesterday that Opposition Senate leader Nick Minchin and his "Minchinites'' were wrecking the party.

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Ms Bishop then went to Malcolm Turnbull's office.

down the wrong path with his support of the Government's emissions trading scheme.

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Mr Abbott said the big issue for him and other Liberal MPs was the impact an emissions trading scheme would have on household.

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Earlier Mr Abbott arrived at Parliament House, telling reporters he was not "over confident" of his chances in a ballot against Mr Turnbull.

But asked how long Mr Turnbull would remain the leader, he replied: "We'll wait and see what happens on that tomorrow".

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Other Liberal senators were reluctant to comment on the leadership drama.

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